Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Believe me, this is harder for me than it is for you

Today, we did not feed Angel and Chuck breakfast.  I marched right past them both as they meowed their displeasure, with kibble and bowls in my hands...and went outside to feed the 'o' cats.  Then, I dug my car out of the snow, and went to work.  Hubby shoveled his way to his car, warmed it up, came back inside and stuffed both cats in their carriers...and went to the veterinarian's office.  Dental cleaning, plus blood draw, plus shots.  

When I left the office in the afternoon, the storm was over, but the drifts were huge; see my ride at the top.  The vet's office was busy, so we waited for the doctor to tell me the results of the blood tests, which were normal.  However, the thyroid test is the only one done offsite, and won't be available until Friday.  Doc is concerned about Chuck's recent weight loss, .4 lbs since his check up less than a month ago.  

Then, I loaded Angel and Chuck into the car, and they sang most of the way home, but they were exhausted from not eating, not being home, not having their humans to hang with, and what was all that cold, white stuff flying around in the air?  Now, of course, the cats had a hard day, but it took a heck of a lot out of the humans too!  Hubby had to shovel, then catch, then transport...and he really doesn't feel comfortable at any doctor's office, human or cat.  And he was home all day, with no wife, no cats...alone.  That was stressful, he says!  Meanwhile, I'm had to slog my way to the office at the beginning of the snowstorm, then worry about what was happening at home (including thinking about the 'o' cats in the blowing snow), then all the rest.  I paid the bill too!  I'm pretty worn out, and seeing both cats sleeping in the room farthest from the humans right now is a bit painful.  

Their teeth had some tartar and a bit of gingivitis, but in good shape otherwise.  I'm going to soak in a hot bath for awhile, and hubby is watching a nice, relaxing basketball game on TV.  WHEW!
On a really good note, I received new photos of George, the stray/feral that P. and I trapped in 2008.  He's been living with a fantastic family that took him in and he's learned to hang out with humans and their myriad of animals.  We never knew if George was a dumped pet or a stray, but his family patiently worked with him until he's the vision of cat-love you see here.  He's polydactyl too, and as handsome as can be.
Yay George, and the T. family!  Smooches to you all!


  1. Glad to hear everyone had a good vet visit, but I'm sorry it was so exhausting for you. It's bad enough to have to load everyone up for a trip to the vet, but to have to shovel your car out of the snow makes it quite the chore.

    George is very handsome!

  2. We agree that the whole vet thing is stressful--for everyone. But everybody's safe for another year!


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