Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm stuck on you

Mama Mia seems to have a static cling problem!  The white bits are styrofoam, from the beer cooler shelter she's chosen.  Three of the four shelters are made from styrofoam, with silvery duct wrap on the inside, plus lots of straw.  Mia must be using the outside as her personal scratching post, and that's where all the bits are from.  I try to sweep them off of her (Patty O'Malley has a few too), but she doesn't like that much contact.  This photo was from last night; this morning she appeared with bits stuck to her face!  Not much I can do at this stage; can only wait for warmer temps, so if I do anything to the shelters (like try to sweep the bits out), she won't be left out in the cold if she gets scared.  I hope she's not trying to lick them off of her!
Here's a shot of Patty O'Malley has he watches me drive away.  Such a handsome boy, and he has an endearing chirp that he makes when greeting me.  Bet that rock he's sitting on absorbed some heat from the sun, and is warming his little tuckus!


  1. How funny! The exact same thing happens to me with my litter (it's wheat)! I like to dig a whole lot.

    Elliott so far does not have the same all-electric feature as Mia and me.


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