Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome March!

The hubby often gets excited by sports stuff on TV, and I've mentioned to him that he could take a chill pill once in awhile since his outbursts are not good for himself, the cats...or me.  Today, he turned around and pointed that finger right back at me when I emoted about upcoming weather and temperatures while watching the news.  Hell's Bells!  More snow?  Overnight in the single digits?  WHAAAA!!!!

Guess he may just have a point, but in my defense, I was not yelling...just a sort of whimper.  At least it's March...something has got to give sooner or later, right?  May be my sanity...

On the other hand, we have discovered a new cat roaming around.  He's all black, and I can tell Patty is constantly on guard should this bruiser saunter by.  My heart is torn; of course I want to help any cat who's wandering the neighborhood, but I've got to take care of the three I'm already caring for.  Plus Angel and Chuck, who can smell the new boy when they go out onto the front porch.  I've adjusted the food levels that I put outside; only want enough for the 'o' cats to get a meal, but no leftovers.  The black cat looks very healthy, so hopefully he's found some other kind human to take care of him.  We'll keep our eyes peeled; wonder if this is how Patty got the new scratch on his nose.


  1. Poor Patty. He's so handsome. Hopefully the scratch heals and doesn't leave a scar. Since black kitty is in good condition, maybe he's someone's cat and is just checking out the dining options in your yard.

  2. Hope Patty heals up quick! He's a good-looking fellow. I think maybe neighborhood cats--even well-cared-for ones know where the "soft-touch" people live ;-) Hope you get some warms soon! We are in a drought and would be happy for some of that wet or snowy stuff!

  3. Poor Patty. Maybe it was a bird? No black cat *I* know would do that! ;-)

  4. Oh Patty, get better real soon!

    Lots of Noodle hugs...


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