Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oops! I did it again!

I just couldn't help it!  Too adorable to pass up, so yes I purchased ANOTHER CAT PIN!  Have not seen this design before, so that makes it unique in my book.  Think it will be a hit at the office, plus there are several metal colors to match with my work-a-day wardrobe.  My cat pin collection just keeps growing...!

P.S. Update on Sugar Bear: M & P's kitty with kidney problems got some interesting news when visiting their new veterinarian.  Not to get all technical, but Sugar Bear's bout of nausea can be cured, and with her sub-cu fluids, she's actually doing better than it seemed.  They thought she was on a downward spiral, but hopefully with new meds and a better understanding of what is happening in Sugar Bear's body, M & P are now rather hopeful instead of extremely worried.  That's fantastic news!  Thanks for the purrs for her and her sister Amber, and please keep sending them along.

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  1. How cute is that! :-)

    Good news on Sugar Bear. We hope she continues to improve!


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