Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chucky's Ducky Gets Around

Ducky in the upstairs hallway 
Ducky in the Dining Room
Boxed Ducky
Every day, the Hubby and I amuse ourselves as we search the house, looking for Chucky's newest favorite toy, Ducky.  The three photos above were taken yesterday and today.  Ducky has also been discovered on the bed, in the rocker, on the bedroom floor, and on the stairway.  I rarely see Chuck actually play with it, but that Duck gets around!  And we know it is NOT Angel; she doesn't DO toys (she used to, and I am working hard to get her back into playtime again).  Just one of those marvelous, silly things that cats do, that nobody tells you about!


  1. That's so great! Our pink nip toy has a secret life like that, too.

  2. That ducky SURE DOES get around. Are you sure he's not magic?


  3. MOL! I have Mr. Moose. And he ends up in the strangest places too.


  4. That's kinda like me and Jack. I hide him sometimes too just to watch my mom hunt all over the place looking for him!


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