Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Sunshine

Sammy eats
Patty turning his cute dial up to 11
Mama Mia warming her fur
Ahhh...sunshine!  The 'o' cats were enjoying themselves!  The people were too; hubby and I hit the home-improvement store and scored a garden rake (!) and a few items for both of our upcoming projects: the cat crate update and some soffit repair.  

Hmm, methinks I need a new name instead of 'cat crate'.  Cat House is okay, but no...Cat Shelter is boring...maybe Cat Cube?  Cat Box?  Cat Condo?  If you have an idea, send a comment please!

And thanks for the birthday wishes: having a birthday on the First Day of Spring can be a lot of fun, especially after the cruel Winter we've endured in the Midwest.  Looks like another week of below-freezing temps overnight, then they start to climb.  Woo hoo!


  1. Feline Flophouse? Maybe not, MOL MOL MOL!!!

  2. Nice to see the O cats so happy in the sunshine!

    Hmm, about a name...all I could come up with is Cat Flat.

  3. Looks like they're all basking in the sunshine.


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