Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What's that, Angel?

Hm, what do you think Angel is trying to tell me?  That it's time for "Jeopardy!"?  That my book is overdue at the library?  What, girl, what?  Let me think...the kitchen floor needs a wash?...well, yes but no...it's time to recycle my cardboard?...no, not that either...Golly, I just don't know...C'mon, Angel, give us a hint...you would like more newspaper to chew on, that's why your sitting in front of the cabinet that holds newspaper and...OH!  Cans of cat food!  Luscious stacks of cans of food!  Are you hungry, little Angel?  LOL!  Alright, I'll pop a can for you!  See, I can read cat!

I try to buy canned food by the case, and when there is a sale, I stock up!  We use an old stereo cabinet (with glass door) as storage.  Sometimes, Chucky will crawl inside and sit on the newspaper stack.  That's one of his ways of telling us he wants his meal!  The quiet 'snick' of the magnetic latch on the glass door is enough to wake cats on the other side of the house from sleep...to beg for food!


  1. Ha ha ha ha! We're so attuned to the sound of a can lid here that we run when it's only soup!

    What a disappointment THAT is.

  2. Sometimes the Human leaves little towers of neatly stacked cans on the kitchen counter under the china cabinets. I like to gaze upon them. I feel . . .famine-resistant!

  3. I'm surprised they don't push on the glass doors to try to pop them open!


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