Friday, February 21, 2014 Patty...?

Stuff blown into the water bucket

Was slushy now hard ice

Path from driveway

Patty negotiating icy path
For a few days we have had above freezing temperatures, and some rain.  Every path that we carved into the snow pack became slushy, then wet.  Now a cold front is blowing in, with high winds and below freezing temps.  So, my pathways are now ice rinks.

Feeling rather frisky, I grabbed the broom this evening and tried to break some ice off the edges, hoping to clear enough space so I don't slip when I go out to feed the 'o' cats.  Bang, bang, bang! as I chipped away, stabbing at the ice with the wooden handle.  I had some success, but mostly all I did was strain my back.  I fought my way up onto the deck, and lay down to rest.  The wind was blowing the tree limbs, which danced over my head.  The stars were just coming out too, and I looked up to marvel at the surprising beauty.

Then, Patty came to play.  He was delighted that I was laying down, because now I was his height.  And he walked from my feet, up my legs, then stopped with his rear-end in my face...and tail up.  Eww!  I pushed him away, and he did it again, then again.  "Great, Patty!  Thanks me enough to put your nether regions in my face!"  He then flopped over so his back feet were braced on my head, and I reached up to pet his belly.

But the wind was cold, it was turning dark, and I needed to collect empty food bowls and get back inside.  Our moment was over, and Patty moved off in search of whatever he searches for in the dark.  Mia and Sammy had long since tucked themselves into their huts.  Fortunate for you all, that I did NOT have my camera handy!  Patty was just showing his dominance over me, by backing himself up, and positioning his body between me and the other cats.  He said "MINE!" to anyone who would bother to look.  And I'm okay with that, even if I got too much of an up close and very personal view of that boy!


  1. I'm glad it was just a showing and not a marking! (We bet you are, too!)

    Stay warm!

  2. You mean you didn't sniff? How rude!


  3. Nothing shows love and trust like an up close view of a kitty butt
    **sigh and rolls eyes**


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