Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Cat Who Smells Like Laundry

Chucky as a basket kitten
A rare togetherness image
Warm jeans warm Angel's bottom
Chuck, on basket lookout 
I vant to be alone!
Chuck loves the laundry baskets.  When younger, both Chuck and Angel hung out there, but now it's predominately Chuck who finds either a clean clothes basket or a used one.  He sleeps in them!  Either way, his fur retains the perfume of the laundry soap.  We can find the most fabulous cat beds on the planet, and the cats will simply sleep on our stinky socks or smelly, sweaty t-shirts.  Thankfully, only the soap* smell clings!

*Chuck has also been known to get a good rubbin' when his humans have been working in the kitchen, therefore sometimes he smells like dinner!  Or freshly-ground coffee...


  1. I don't know what it is about laundry baskets, but two of my previous kitties loved playing in the empty baskets. Maybe it's all the little holes that they can put their paws through. They'd also snuggle in on the clean laundry, but luckily not the dirty stuff.

    Chucky and Angel have their techniques down pat!

  2. Such great pictures! The one with both Chucky and Angel is very cute :-) My boys love laundry, too, clean or used. I can totally relate to the situation that fantastic bed being ignored and t-shirts appreciated!

  3. Aww they look lovely! I like to roll around and rub my face in the dirty laundry (especially daddys stinky t shirts) then I like to roll around in the clean stuff so I can put all my furs on them...

  4. Just look at that tiny Chuck!

    I've never been one for laundry but my old sisters Olivia and Pee Queen loved squirreling into the piles on top of the washer/dryer. Maybe if my mom used a basket...

  5. That's one of our favorite napping spots...the laundry basket. The mom keeps her old robe in it at all times so we'll have something cozy to sleep on.

  6. Our crew often smells like cherry chapstick from all the kissin'!

  7. Skootch loves laundry baskets - upside down! The youngsters just like to lie on the clean laundry piles.


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