Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Sammy Expedition has begun!

Drop trap with cover and extra stick
Patty is not afraid!
Here, Patty models how it works
Sammy says with this look, "You'll never catch me, copper!"
The game is on!  Drop trap in place, ready for Sammy to enter.  He hasn't yet, even though Patty and Mama Mia have.  It's only been 1-1/2 days, so patience, Grasshopper!  The extra stick is to give the contraption stability, since the pull stick is designed to move easily, and not be a table leg.  We screwed the trap to the top of the feeding station (read:  old picnic table).  A length of landscaping fabric is stapled to the top to further mimic the usual awning (read: old card table). As Sammy begins to drop his guard, I'll remove the extra stick, then wait for the opportunity when he is inside.  If another cat is in there too, then all will get a trip to the vet, but shhhh...don't tell the hubby; he doesn't know that part!

Sammy is constantly drooling, and has food and dirt stuck to his face fur.  He is wary of this new thing, and hasn't gone inside of it.  The theory is: Sammy goes in to eat, after he's lost his trap fear (he's a smart cookie, my Sammy is!), and we yank the string, the stick pulls out, dropping the trap around Sammy.  Either a cat carrier or metal trap is placed at the door (see it on top?), and the cat will voluntarily walk into the smaller space.  Then, I call the vet!  Hubby and I have set up a holding area in the garage, should need be, with tarp and blankets.

For now, we wait...Where did I put my pith helmet?


  1. Sammy's drooling is very concerning. I hope he will come into the trap and you get to bring him to the vet! You are really wonderful to care for them so much xoxo

  2. We have 26 pairs of paws crossed...failing that, could you dope him up in his food?

  3. Good luck!
    We are purring Sammy will get caught so he can be helped.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. I hope Sammy visits the trap soon, with success!


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