Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Silvery bling
I picked up new collars for Angel and Chuck; the old ones were kinda scruffy.  I also bought new tags, but I haven't yet attached them because I have to nail them on.  

No more clink, clank as their tags knock against the food bowls.  

You can see that Sammy isn't afraid of the 'trap' right now, but I couldn't pull the stick because of the extra one holding up the other end.  I've now moved both sticks toward the center, and will remove the extra one when no kitty is around to witness.  Then, when Sammy gets all of the way underneath...keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Those nameplates are too cool!

    And yipee for Sammy overcoming his caution!

  2. Those tags look nice!
    Wow, Sammy right inside the trap. Looks promising! I'm sure you'll get to take him to the vet soon!

  3. Oooh, trap that Sammy! Hope it gets done, and that his health issues are addressed.
    I must apologize for my absence - my whole blog list got wiped out, and I've been slowly rebuilding it ever since.

  4. Nice tags. Whoa Sammy---your time is comin' dude--keep eating!


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