Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Got him!

The trap fell around Sammy this afternoon, surprisingly.  I watched and waited, and saw my chance; I actually pulled the stick by hand instead of yanking the string.  He'll spend tonight in the garage (newspapers under, blanket over) and we head to the animal hospital at 8:00 am.

I promise to post the results just as soon as I can!  Thanks for all the good wishes, now send lots of purrs to Sammy for a quick recovery.

Sammy a year ago


  1. Oh, what good news! I hope all goes well tomorrow at the cat fix-it place, and tonight too!

  2. Oh great, you finally did!! I hope the vet can identify what's going on in his mouth and give him proper treatment.

  3. Wonderful! I hope he isn't too stressed in the garage and all goes well tomorrow.

  4. Good news! And great patience on your part. We are purring for a positive outcome for Sammy.

  5. That's great! We purring for Sammy and hope he is okay.

  6. Healin' purrs are on their way! Lots and lots of 'em, for sure.



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