Sunday, June 29, 2014

By any other name...

Hobo, the escort
Um, very preggers
I believe she was in labor at this point
Hobo playing nursemaid to the kittens
Really, it's not fair to call Mama Mia with a 'mama' name anymore.  Once Hobo escorted her to our yard, then she had the kittens, she has not been a mother since we TNR'd her in 2009.  But I guess old habits die hard, because I cannot seem to call her any other name but Mama or Mamacita or Mommy Girl or Momsies.  I've tried Cleo, Mimi, Nefertiti, Sweetie, and a host of other names, but Mama just keeps rolling off my tongue.  She has always been the most feral of the 'o' cats; I can pet her now but for very short bits of time, and she'll run off at any quick movements or noises.  Hearing her purr is a sweet sound, since it happens rarely, and Patty O. must be somewhere else since he MUST get in between me and any other cat.
Patty Photobomb


  1. HURRAH for TNR and the occasional pat.

  2. Mama Mia is very pretty name and fits her very well even though she not mom any more :-) Love the photobomb!

  3. My parents had a cow cat they called "Momma Cat". Her kittens became barn cats and she was spayed. However, once they're named the name just sticks ;-)

  4. I think she would come to you no matter what you called her. :-)

  5. Mama is such a pretty panther. We're glad she's a mama in name only now. :)


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