24 January, 2017

Foggy Squirrel Appreciation

Okay, okay...Squirrel Appreciation Day was 1/21/17, which I knew nothing about until I read it on Cat Chat With Caren and Cody!

However, I just happened to have snapped photos of a black squirrel in our backyard, chomping down on something. I enjoy watching squirrels; they are so industrious, even a bit cheeky, and I ALWAYS brake for them when they are near the edge of the road.  We have grey, brown, and black-furred squirrels around us.  They tease the cats, and have thrown things at the humans!

We experienced heavy fog most of the day on Saturday, and ALL DAY on Sunday!  It was quite spectacular, but I know there were auto accidents because of the limited visibility, so that isn't good.

Here are some photos taken in downtown Detroit, through that crazy fog.

The Hubby and I attended the North American Auto Show (website here).  You all know that Detroit and Michigan are home to some pretty large automotive companies, so we go all out for car shows!


  1. I was driven mad 'appreciating' two squirrels this morning. Pöh. I was on mousewatch at -16°C in the snows of the Catio and two of the tufty-eared monsters were scampering around the garden. Would they come close enough for me to shake a paw? Nope. You'd have thought they would have liked to join their ancestors in my trophy tail cabinet!

  2. Oh my word we had the worst fog ever on last Saturday and it was here all day and we had about 1/2 a day on Sunday very unusual for us too.
    Rarely do we have fog for 36 hours
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS my dad watches lots of car shows on the TVees

  3. guys.....sam N be jezuz....what kinda bass terd squirrelz R they.....throwin stuff at peepulz iz total lee rood....all most az bad az ewe noe what with burdz ~~~~ faaaaaaaaaa


  4. We love foggy pictures. So mysterious. Mom recently had an... Unfortunate vehicular related squirrel encounter. She says she still feels bad ...But it ran right under the wheel.

  5. we don't see squirrels outside our balcony surprisingly enough

  6. OMC Dat's a lot of fog. As fur da squirrels, they throw things at you? Dat's just crazy. We have squirrels. Least mommy says we do. We really couldn't care less. Guess they have to come right up to da door befur we even give them a thought. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. You are so lucky to have black squirrels. There are some a few miles away from here, but none have ever gotten to us.

  8. We would love to see black squirrels! Seeing any squirrel would be fun, too.

    That fog is wild!

  9. I have only ever seen a black squirrel in the Montreal area on a couple of occasions. The rest are all gray. There was one kind of a brownish colour once, but that was just one time. I love your fog photos. :)

  10. We don't have many squirrels around here because thre are too many... martens. And suuirrels are their favourite food...
    Of course we leave a lot of hazels on the hazel bush in our garden for squirrels to come and pick them. They sometimes do. but most of the time they are picked by dormice.
    Here we have fog in the morning and what seems to be a gentle mist in the afternoon. But it is NOT! It is pollution! People think they come to our parts for pure air but there is severe pollution here.
    Look at the map!

    Live webcam:


  11. I did not know about Squirrell Appreciation Day! I do appreciate them for providing entertainment for my boys :-)
    That loooks very thick fog. I had to drive through fog several times and it was quite scary!

  12. Beautiful fog. We have lots of it here from late September through early April. In fact, it's foggy outside even now! We love our squirrels, too. Thank you for braking for them!

  13. I LOVE black squirrels! The first time I ever saw one was when I was in college. At that time, (from what I was told) they were only in Canada and Ohio but I am doubting that was true. Thanks for the shout out too!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


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