Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yep, It's Still Cold!

"Feels Like: -4 degrees F"
The Big Brrr has still got it's arms wrapped around us.  Last night, I held the front door open for Patty and Sweetie, and they ignored it. Couldn't they feel the warm air blowing out at them?  All that they wanted to do, was to herd me out of that door, and into the backyard where I would deliver food. Guess those two really are ferals, because you would think they would high-tail it inside at every chance they got!

This our window that overlooks our driveway.
It's frosted pretty good in this weather!

Patty and Sweetie, at breakfast

Frozen water bucket

I use the broom handle to break the ice,
and then lever it out

Ice was over an inch thick

Fresh, liquid water!

The graveyard of water bucket ice

Frost on The Cat Cat,
makes interesting patterns
Mind you, it is Winter, and we live in Michigan.  We know it's going to snow and get cold.  My thoughts are for the folks in The South, who really don't go for this kind of weather!  Stay safe, everyone!


  1. We wish so much they would come inside to the warm but... they are truly independent spirits.

  2. Really strange how it snows in places you don't expect it to these days. England winters are so mild now. Especially in London.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. Stay safe and warm! It is pretty cold here in Montreal as well. I love your frosted window photo!

  4. Brrrr. I really hope Patty and Sweetie would come inside. I'm sure they'll love it once they find out inside is so warm and comfy!

  5. But it's supposed to warm up this week. We can only hope. ;)

  6. That's Cold! It's been "cold" for us, but that means it's just above freezing at night and in the high 40s during the day. It feels a few degrees cooler because it's raining & wet. I would not want to be in your weather.

  7. You will win them over to the inside one of these days. It sure is cold.

  8. Amarula says she would feel sorry for you but it's been minus 20 celcius here!!! with 10cm of snow expected tomorrow!


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