Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tiny Lions Cat Lounge & Adoption Center

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is home to the famous University of Michigan, and has been a hippie mecca for a very long time.  Embracing an alternative lifestyle, the area is full of quirky bookstores, vegan restaurants, and both upscale and moderately priced shopping, real estate, and everything in between. 

Additionally, Ann Arbor has Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center!  The Humane Society of Huron Valley places adoptable cats and kittens in this setting, to allow potential furrever humans (or cat-loving visitors, like me!) to interact with them.  There are sofas, chairs, cat beds and cat climbs everywhere, plus plenty of room for board games, computer work, or the occasional yoga class.

Ren needed his beauty sleep
Rose was chillaxin'
Millicent likes to roughhouse
Playful Widget
Gregorio, wondering where his snack is
Rachel discusses politics with a visitor
The staff puts color coded tags on the cats's collars, to indicate their comfort level of human interaction.  If they were adopted, they also got a special tag to let visitors know that they are already spoken for! 

In addition, visitation time is limited to a maximum of one hour, and once you've paid the entrance fee of $7.00, you are handed a beeper that goes off once time is up.  Goes by much too fast, as you can imagine.

One more thing: The Humane Society of Huron Valley will NOT adopt out a cat to an adopter looking to declaw!  It's written into their adoption contract.  I did a happy dance when I heard this information.  It's the only way that I roll, so it's wonderful to know there is a growing tide of anti-onychectomy folks out there.


  1. The mom needs to visit this cat lounge!

  2. That's a great place! And it's wonderful to hear about the declawing thing, that's a horrible practice.

  3. Wonderful place! Love the tag idea and approve of the no declawing!!

  4. That looks like a great place to visit.

  5. Pretty kitties! but I love that Gregorio the best... looks like my lost Tux.

  6. I think it's a great idea to put adoptable cats in a non-shelter setting. Many people avoid shelters because they can be depressing. I'm not sure about the 1 hour limit....what if you're considering a cat and want to spend more time with it? Maybe you just pay another $7?

  7. What's better than a day spent with cats that aren't your own? Gregorio sure is handsome.

  8. That looks such a great place! The shelter we adopted Niko from has no-declaw policy, too!

  9. That looks like a great place to visit ! Purrs

  10. we love hearing about these places - we truly believe that is makes adoptions easier when people see them in "home" like settings

  11. What a fun place to visit! I visit Michigan at least once a year (family there) but I've never been to Ann Arbor! Sounds like a great place, though.


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