Friday, December 3, 2021

More 'Hood Cats

There are always cats to be found on my neighborhood walks!
Cat paw prints in fresh sidewalk cement.
Guy and I nuzzle.
His caretaker put him in a wee coat.
Judging Window Cat.
Very unsociable runaway cat!
During the Thanksgiving holiday, a visitor had this great decal on their car.
We have visitors to our yard!
The cats are seen daily, drinking from the little pool of water that comes out the discharge tube from our basement sump-pump.

In this photo, both are in the neighbor's yard.

I've placed a water bucket on our deck, hoping to convince them to drink clean water.

They run away when I appear, so I have my work cut out to habituate them to my presence.

Challenge: accepted!


  1. We love our neighbor cats! Alas, Mom does her walking around the village with Cinnamon (and Kozmo he walks behind). And the cats always run and hide...

  2. We love all our hood cats too. We have lots.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  3. You sure have lots of cute neighbors and I know you're up to the newbie challenge!

  4. You are lucky. We haven't seen any cats in our neighborhood in eons!

  5. You have nice looking (and friendly) fur neighbors. Hopefully the kitties take to the clean water instead of whatever is coming out of the sump pump.

  6. Years ago we too had lots of
    other' cats, but I hardly see any these days...some peeps that had them have moved away...
    I hope your visitor will be soon loving the fact that you are going to care for them...and maybe socialize them? I hope they will find the shelter like you had for the other outside kitties in the past. Thanks for helping them out!

  7. Love the cutie neighbour cats and you all too, of course😸That's a fine walk of fame there on the furresh cement. We had that on our table of our Angel✨Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  8. We haven't seen cats here in ages. The word probably cot around that Flynn chased intruders away! This past week I have seen two, an all black and a black and white in the field on the opposite side of the road. I got the binoculars and they both look well fed and cared for so probably come from the housing estate 4 fields from us. There is also a new estate at the top of the village so they could come from there. I wish they would come and visit me. It surprised me how far from home a cat would go when I was out riding once and met one of my MIL's cats about a mile from home. I told her to get right back home and she followed me and my horse back.

  9. Oh I wish there were cats about in the neighborhood but on the other hand, outside of the cat next door who has had spa days on my deck...there aren't any as far as I know That's good really IF they are in the neighborhood, but inside.

  10. Good luck with the neighbour cats. Surely they'd be searching out some cleaner water!

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