16 February, 2024


There is a new cat in the yard.
21 January
2 February
12 February
These images were taken through windows, as this kitty races away when a human appears.

There is always water to drink, and the straw-filled Cat Hotel seems to be getting some action.

Food was set out once, and none was eaten.

Oh heck, shy newcomer kitty, I've not yet begun to coax you closer.



  1. Newcomer Kitty, come closer. It will be worth your while!

    The Chans

  2. It's a beautiful kitty and from the pictures it looks very healthy. Maybe it just wandered away from home and like your yard better than its own. Nice that you put Provisions out

  3. Hard to tell at this moment if it is a hungry feral one or just wandering and checking out the neighborhood.
    It always breaks my heart when I hear any kitty cry outside for companionship with ours. Don't understand why some peope don't share their home with pets...!
    Good luck in coaxing him/her closer.
    Mariette + Kitties

  4. From what we can tell, the newcomer is quite good looking!

  5. That newcomer is too cute!

  6. I am sure you will be besties soon.

  7. That is a good looking kitty. I am sure you will earn his/her trust before too long.

  8. I love that there is a new kitty in the yard! Can't wait to learn more! Seriously.

  9. She's stayed at the hotel but not eaten any of the food? Interesting...

  10. Aw... sweet shy kitty. I hope she will come to the food dish. I admire those who care for the outdoor kitties. I saw a post about a lady at social media who loved to feed and shelter ferals in her area. Someone berated her saying people like you are the reason birds are disappearing because those cats are killing them. The sweet caregiver replied, we have lots of birds singing in the trees because these cats are sheltered and well fed! So they are not harming any birds. Mean people make me so upset. Help a pet instead of being so mean. My neighbor took in a kitty who was dumped. She had been a house cat. She comes over in the Spring to seranade by boy Mister Kitty. It is kind of kooky becuase she is spayed and he is neutered.My neighbor is moving, I sure hope they take her with them.

  11. The fact it disappears every time someone goes out does suggest it is feral. Remember, though, as some in the rescue community now point out, think lost, not stray, until you are sure.

    It's a very pretty cat and if it is totally feral, I hope it learns to trust you soon.

  12. Best wishes to you and this kitty. ~hugs~ And I enjoyed the comments, whether I have relatable experiences or not. :) You do good works; thank you.

  13. A new beginning. Or maybe an adventurous freeloading indoor-outdoor cat.


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