Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saved From The Cricket: A Reenactment

Somehow a cricket got inside the house.  I did a quick search online to find a natural way (no toxic bug spray, please!) to get rid of the bug, since it would disappear into the crack between the floor and the wall any time I tried to approach.

So, I read about a bowls of molasses and water, and some sort of homemade fly-paper stuff.  And lots of noise about crickets left to multiply, to eat one's house up!  Then, the light bulb went off.  I have CATS!  They chase any moth or fly that comes along, and Angel loves to catch spiders (and eat the web...ugh).  So, I waited until Angel and Chuck awoke from their naps to investigate.

Chuck did not acknowledge any problem.  He heard the chirping but ignored it completely.  Hmm, must be management material.

Angel knew something was not right from the get-go, like the good worker bee she is.  She hunted and sniffed, and the cricket went silent when she finally found its location.  She walked away, and the cricket chirped.  She walked back again...silence.  The cricket slid into the crack where she could not get at it.

However, Mr. Cricket decided that a cat locating his presence could quickly become lethal, and he began his move.  He crawled along the edge, around a corner, and was within feet of the front door when Angel again found him, who pointed out the vile intruder's location to her humans, and without eating it first.  Since it was out in the open now, and could no longer hide in the gap, I grabbing a clean kitty litter scoop and I slipped it under the monster.  Managed to get it outside to freedom, without any human or cat or insect being injured in the process!  Hurrah!

The Reenactment:

Cricket inside, where it shouldn't be!

Close-up of vile intruder

Intruder near front door, ready to be
1) Eaten by Angel
2) Saved by human


Intruder cricket stunt double: cute elephant mini sculpture

Playing herself: Angel, my hero!


  1. Crickets get into our house too...'specially this time of year. We try to play with them, but the mom won't let us. And she captures them and puts them back outside. She'll do the same thing with spiders. She's such a spoil sport.

  2. Angel is such a good girl to find cricket and let you know the location! Glad Mr. Cricket is out safely :-)

  3. Great reeancatment. I think Angel needs a flat cat to stand in for her :)

  4. Excellent work, Angel! We love the reenactment!

    Izzy is our bug wrangler here. He found a spider for our mom last night but then got bummed that she trapped and released it outside. But--he did get a treat in return. (OK, we all did, but he got 4.)

  5. guys...thatz de biggest cricketz we haz seen...ever......due ewe noe what kinda fish ewe could catch with him !!!! ♥♥♥


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