Monday, October 8, 2018

Am Afraid That I've Stepped In It...

Michigan is having a few days of ultra-warm weather.  I figured it was a good time to fit out The Cat Hotel for the upcoming cold season, and had The Hubby pull it out from under the new awning he'd created.

To my horror, I found mold.  I pulled back the silvery insulation that we'd attached on the inside, and found it.  DAMMIT!

The Hubby said, "Okay, let's pull off the old stuff, give the inside a quick coat of 'die-mold-die' paint that we have.  In an hour, it will be dry, then we'll tape in new insulation, you'll fill it with fresh straw, and VOILA!"  Included in that list, was to insert the warming pad on the bottom floor.

Unfortunately, the paint didn't dry fast enough, but dusk was falling soon.  Between the two of us, we cut and taped, while Sweetie and Paddy snoopervised.


Even the lid was painted and repaired
It was about 8 pm when we slide the new, improved Cat Hotel back into its slot.  I put out some kibble for the cats, and explained to them what we'd done, and how the mold abatement procedure will keep them comfy and cozy.  I apologized profusely for allowing things to get in such a state, which is why I had insisted that we build a new awning and wind breaks.

Both cats seemed purrfectly fine with everything.  In the past, I had freaked out every time I replaced the straw in the old Mama's House, thinking that I'd scared them off.  Yet, they returned every time.

Except last night.

The 'O' Cats's overnight quarters

This morning

Both cats slept in the cardboard boxes that we set out for them, and replace often.  While filling The Cat Hotel with straw last night, I threw some into one box, and forgot to fill the other.  But that's where they were when I left them last night around 9 pm, and where they jumped out of, for breakfast this morning. 

The Cat Car window, dripping with fog
And, we have FOG this morning.  Everything is dripped with moisture, and visibility is low.  And my cats stayed outside all night!  WHA!  *sob* *sniffle*

I am beside myself, worried that I've screwed it all up, and they won't use The Cat Hotel!!!  Neither cat seemed too distraught, but you know how well they hide their feelings!  The Hubby has reassured me...several times...that they will go in once the paint finally dries (it didn't 'dry in an hour').

And now, I look outside, and it's pouring rain at my office.  If it's raining at home...

The New Awning, with old windows used as windbreaks

The PO'M sleeping under the awning, on top of The Cat Hotel in July
 Am afraid, and quite sure, that I've screwed up this time...


  1. It will be fine. Not to worry. It will all work out and the kitties are all good with whatever you do or don't do. It's the way of kitties.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. I am sure they will start going in there after a day or two. They just have to get used to it. Good job on it. Have a good day.

  3. I think they will go back to the Cat Hotel eventually. You are so sweet to do all those things for them. xo

  4. Naw, you did good. They will be back and ever so grateful that you prepared their hotel rooms for the real tough weather to come. Thank you for helping them!

  5. guyz...pleez ta let mom N dad noe ewe dig de new digz but gotta wait a few til de paint smellz total lee for sure gone....mite smell like itz gone ta peepulz but still can smellz like paint ta de catz sooperior noze !! :) ♥♥♥

  6. I bet the paint smell is strong right now. Could you spray some Feliway around there to help?

  7. Cats don't like change but I bet you anything they will soon love fall back in love with the cat hotel after making you worry a few day!! That's what cats do!! It was great of you and the hubby to freshen things up!

  8. For outside kitties, they sure get first class service from you! I know they'll love the Cat Hotel once again.

    BTW, I was in Ontario, CALIFORNIA! MOL - it's under an hour (without too much traffic) from our house.

  9. Put some good treats around there and they will come back!

  10. The feliway may be a good idea. You didnt screw up. You treated a mold problem and I commend you. Cats love to take their time with change..they will use it I bet

  11. Nah, they'll use the cat hotel when it's time. It's so warm right now...they may not feel the need.

  12. I agree with Ellen about the paint smell - even if you & Dad can't smell it. Do you have anything with their smell on it that you could put in the hotel ?(even some of the straw from the box they just used.) Or even something with your smell - a coat they've snuggled or rolled on when you were sitting with them?

  13. Cats are funny creatures but somehow I believe they know you only have their best interest in all this.Rose, our sons older kitty, had a cat bed she did not like. The puppies took it over and to say the least she was not interested in it again. We had to buy her a super cozy orthopedic sofa bed. LOL! SHe is a picky girl. THose lovely felines will be grateful they aren't near mold. They know you love them. HAve a great week and stay warm and enjoy. HUGS

  14. Everything will be just fine! You're so wonderful to do all this for them.

  15. Oh my friend, please try not to worry too much. I am sure the babies will come back and use the hotel. You have shown them for a long long time that you are their mom and that you look after them just like a mom. They know that. They'll be back. I understand a tender loving heart. They do too. XX

  16. I think they will check into the hotel when they are ready, not when you are ready MOL!

  17. Yep, we agree, they aren't ready for check in. Probably the paint smell has to fade a bit. Seriously, those cats know where home is. You are their hoomin. They will not leave that.

  18. You know what...I hate new always takes about a week before I adapt to something new. I bet your cats will too!

  19. I would think they will get in the shelter when the new paint smell goes away. It sounds like a awesome house for them. Don't despair. ♥

  20. We're sure the Cat Hotel will be popular again after the paint is well dry and the smell has gone away. Purrs

  21. Aww, don't worry. I'm sure they will return to it soon!

  22. Is there anything you can add the Cat Hotel to make it smell less like paint, and more like cats?

  23. That's really cool. Those sure are some blest kitties. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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