Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Sweetie hanging out beside our driveway.
One of the first photos of her, from May, 2009.

Sweetie spend Monday and Tuesday nights at the veterinarian's.

Because they had to redraw her blood, and needed 24-48 hours to get results, we decided to board her until her dental extractions on Wednesday.


I have vacuumed her apartment, and fixed up the litter boxes.

All of her toys are arranged in front of her favorite bed.

I hope to pick her up today, but the vet will determine how well Sweetie's gums are after the surgery, to allow her to go home or remain overnight to be monitored.

I expect a phone call this afternoon, so I'll be pacing the floor all day today.


It's the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

My elementary school celebrated the 1st Earth Day.
The students made a garden on the school grounds.

My point of view:
Folks around the world are seeing critters venturing out into areas they aren't always seen, as human activity is low.

You've all seen photos of Los Angeles and other big cities, without smog.

There is a lesson in all of this; Mother Nature Rules!

She can send hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, poisonous algae blooms...and illness.

MN has been pounding us over the head, telling us humans that it's time to get our collective act together, and respect her and The Earth.

This isn't about governments.

It's how each of us value our own lives, and our loved ones.

My loved ones include humans, cats, birds, worms, bees, fish...even spiders (eek!)

Leave only footprints when walking in Mother Nature's gardens.

Happy Earth Day!

A continued wish for you all to remain virus-free

To borrow a phrase from Nerissa's Life Blog:

"When in doubt, don't go out!"



  1. Oh, best wishes. I hope she's home soon. ~hugs~ As for the industrial world, have you heard about The Dark Mountain Project? Here is a blog post I read today (with links embedded if you want to know more).

    Take care!

  2. My prayers that Sweetie will come home soon. I'm so very glad she has decided it was time to retire to the good life as an indoor kitteh.

  3. I hope Sweetie gets to come home today and be with you as you wish. It's hard to have them away from us. Pacing is the perfect word for what we do when we're waiting to hear.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. Extra healing scritches to Sweetie. ♥

  4. Hugs to Sweetie when she gets home.

  5. Poor sweetie, we are all sending tons of purrs. I know all about that dental stuff. Happy Earth Day, we need to be more responsible with our home planet.

  6. Sending love and healing purrs to Sweetie.

    Very true about Mother Earth. She need to breathe for a while.

  7. Sending purrs and good wishes that she's home very soon.

  8. Happy Earth Day. I hope all is going well with Sweetie.

  9. We cross our paws and hope everything goes well for Sweetie. Purrs

  10. I hope Sweetie's dental went well and she is very soon back home with you.

  11. We purr all went well with Sweetie's dental and she's home safe and sound...once again.

  12. You re such a good momma! You show that every day.

  13. Hope Sweetie is home and doing well by now !

  14. Sweetie is in my prayers tonight! !
    And Earth day is so unique this year....we are learning to respect the Mother Earth I hope

  15. Praying Sweetie is doing well. XO

  16. Oh, I hopes Sweetie is home soon!!!! {{{hugs}}}
    Such a pawsome tribute to Earth Day! So true!
    Sendin' loves and POTP your way, and a margarita or two...☺
    Ruby ♥

  17. Here's hoping there's good news about Sweetie by now. What a wonderful post addition for Earth Day, too. So true.

  18. I hope Sweetie can return home soon!
    In Portugal, Lisbon, the capital, is registering the lowest pollution in the whole century. Mother Nature is indeed sending us a message!

  19. Purrs for Sweetie and we hope she is home soon. Dad makes it a point to use as little as we can and our parents must remember water too
    Thanks for coming to my Gotcha Day Party
    Toby and Family

  20. What's wrong with Sweetie?? I know she is back from the vet's by now, but what happened?

  21. Purrs and prayers for Sweetie's quick release from the Vet. Love your Earth Day tribute - Let's all show some love to Mother Earth!


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