Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Da Boyz snuggle!
Manny snoozing solo in the sun
Chili Bruce chillaxin'

Did you know, that when I cannot tell Manny and Chili Bruce apart, I'll try to flip the nearest cat over, so I can see the white spot on their belly?

Manny has a big one, CB's is very small.

Now, flipping over a cat isn't always easy, practical, or safe for a human to do!

But, if I pick up a cat and there is no wiggling...then it's Manny.
If the cat puts of a fuss...it's CB!

Gosh, I just LURV these two...



  1. MOL!!!!
    We cats like yo make humans work for things!
    We have different coats so we can't have fun with mum that way. Darn!!!!!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  2. MOL MOL...I hear you!
    We have twin boys in the neighborhood...IDENTICAL.
    They got the biggest kick out of running to me asking me to guess which was Henry and Thomas.
    Their mom finally told me the secret. Thomas had a mole at his hair line. Of course usually they were playing and hair all messed up so it was easy. They never knew I knew the secret.

  3. You're making me fall in love, too. :)

  4. If cats don't want to be touched then you better not touch the cat. I have priors on that one. Painful.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. They are just the sweetest boyz! Careful with the cat-flipping - MOL!

  6. they are so adorable!! Could not think of a better pair to go through the pandemic with!

  7. I like CK's style in that last pic.

  8. aww ;My weekly fix of Chili Bruce I love him

  9. These two don't practice social distancing much. ;)

  10. Sweet. Do they both have the same white paw-pit furs?

  11. Glad you found ways to tell them apart :)

  12. The boys looks so very handsome in the photos. Chili Bruce we love that position for nap time. We had the same thing when I was a kid and we have two black cats. They only way was to check the white spot on their belly. Booboo and Tabby were their names. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  13. Those sweet boys are wonderfully special!

  14. Those boyz are so cute we can't stand it!

  15. Aww they are so adorable! Fun to learn some differences between da Boyz :-)

  16. You should put a collar on one of them to avoid flipping.

    1. Wish we could put collars on them...but they know how to bite them off of each other, so that only lasted a few hours...

  17. MOL ! The ways you can tell them apart made us laugh ! Purrs

  18. We love Manny & Chili Bruce. House panthers are great. Our current ones are Samantha, Bart, and Arson Wells.


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