Friday, September 4, 2020

September 4: National Wildlife Day

Farewell, Angel Polar Bear

Click here to visit 15 And Meowing to leave a condolence message.

National Wildlife Day will be celebrated on two dates, February 22 and September 4, to double the effort to help bring awareness of the plight of wild animals around the globe. National Wildlife Day encourages wildlife lovers to stand up and fight for animals that need a voice, to visit their local zoo and donate what they can to make a difference in the lives of our beloved animal friends.
Here are some wildlife photos that I've taken over the past few years:

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio
The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio
Office parking lot, Troy, Michigan
Peahen and baby
Detroit Zoo, Huntington Woods, Michigan
Detroit Zoo, Huntington Woods, Michigan

Neighborhood wild kitty!
So fierce, and so floofy!
SCARY!!! 😹
Jigsaw Puzzle
We who love our cats and dogs, birds, ferrets, hedgehogs, gerbils, and hamsters also love all critters!

Support your local wildlife societies, and make sure the animals are treated well.

This includes your local humane society, and any rescue that you come in contact with.

We are their voice; please don't ignore the plight of the animals around you.



  1. We sure love almost all critters big and small. Well, maybe not coyotes who ate a few of our ferals lately.

    1. OH NO!
      That's just heartbreaking; I am so sorry.
      Even though we cannot touch them, we love them deep in our hearts, so my condolences as you grieve these lost lives.

  2. We love them all too. All the wildfires we have each summer makes me sad for all the critters that don't make it. So sad.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. naybor hood wild kitty ewe IZ feerce ;) !! ♥♥☺☺

  4. Interestingly, some animal advocates condemn zoos, which I find sad because it seems the pros outweigh the cons. Not only do they foster awareness and empathy, but the research done can provide huge benefits. For example, our Cincinnati Zoo has learned a lot about the Komodo Dragon and even breeds them. :) I'll have to check out the zoos up north. Awesome photos, by the way!

    1. How could I forget to mention my sorrow over Polar Bear? They've lost so many beloved, well cared for elderly cats between last year and this. It's heartbreaking.

  5. This is a lovely post!

    It's time humans woke up to respect all animals and nature.

    Mum says thank you for your lovely comment on our Feline Friday post. It made her feel a bit better.

    Purrs xx

  6. What wonderful wildlife photos. That is some jelly fish.
    Happy Wildlife day
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Gorgeous wildlife photography! Thanks for the reminder, I'll get on some petition sites and make my voice heard!

  8. We are sorry to learn of Polar Bear's passing. Your photos are outstanding.

  9. Beautiful wild life photos. We see frogs around here a lot lately. Your neighborhood wild kitty is adorable :-)
    We are very sad to hear about Polar Bear. Purrs to his family.

  10. Great nature pictures! Our purrsonal favorite was either the Pea Hens (they look tasty) AND wes LOVES the wild cat in her natural habitat!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  11. Thank you for writing about my Polar Bear. Beautiful photos.

  12. Great post. We could hear the coyotes howling for a long and happy time last night. Oh I'd love to see them on the run.


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