Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September 1: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

Right now, Eastside Cats has no ginger cats in residence.

Hopefully, one (or two...) will choose us someday!

However, in honor of this special day, dear friends have loaned us images of their beloved orange cats, and I have a bevy to show you!

First up: Eric and Angel Sparky (who left us in January), who live with ET in British Columbia, Canada:

The next video is Rufus, who lives in Detroit, Michigan with his cat mom CE, and the rest of his clowder:

This gorgeous threesome live in Florida, with P&M:

And, no Ginger Cat Day celebration would be complete without...

Zarathustra, from Russia!

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, True version
Image used with permission from FatCatArt.ru
Ginger Cats Rock!
Image from Debbie French's FB page.
Thank you, friends, for allowing me to share your glorious orangies with the world!

Jigsaw Puzzles


  1. We love orangies! We were chosen by Lucy and she's one of a kind.

  2. We love those orange goodness kitties too, they are really very special!

  3. I do like the orange cats. My first cat, Tungsten, was a female orange cat, too much the victim of my inexperience with felines. Bear-Bear was a dark orange, and Parker was all orange; he loved his outside walks on a harness. And Raleigh was a very pale orange, my 'Peachy'. I miss them all.

  4. Aw, this post is filled with Aw. I visit some of these folks too.

    Have a fabulous first day of September. ♥

  5. This reminds me of the young cat we found near starvation a few springs ago. I was set to adopt the sweet little guy until my persistence at having the vet tech scan for a chip proved valid. ~sigh~ I thought the technician was going to cry when she gave me the news. I sure did, but the family was *very* grateful and the mom called with thanks that evening. Meanwhile, my husband and I decided that if he ever wandered into our yard again we were going to keep him. ;)

  6. Oh I love this Nat'l orange cat day!!
    Yay I must send this to my grandkitty Frisco and my nephew Rocky
    Happy happy orange cat day
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. happee ginger cat day two everee one frum semi ginger tuna of moon :) ♥♥

  8. Happy Ginger Day! I just love gingers, but do not have one at the moment, I miss our Scooter who was a Ginger Palooza kind of a dude, he lived to be 23 years old.

  9. I wish my orange boy was here today. :(

  10. I didn't know it was ginger cat appreciation day. I appreciated my boys every day.

  11. The Human is totally entranced with Ginger Boys! She has never had one, but she has friends who do and they are such happy and affectionate kitties. Maybe in her NEXT life!

  12. Great videos and images of wonderful ginger kitties!
    Skittles has very unique markings :-) Happy ginger cat appreciation day!

  13. Happy Day to all the gingers. We Rock!

  14. Mango is adorable. The closest I've come to a ginger is a cream tabby.

  15. I hope to be owned by a ginger cat one day.

  16. Sorry to be so late. Such adorable ginger cats. I sure miss my ginger girl, Prancie. Thank you for the puzzles. XO


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