Monday, August 16, 2021

Last and First


2nd to last photo of outside PO'M.
Last outdoor photo of The PO'M!
Inside Paddy, on my lap.
My love Paddy O'Malley stole my heart very early.

He appeared in the winter of 2010, and we TNR'd him in March, 2011.

Paddy was the only stray that I've trapped so far, who walked out of the trap after being neutered, and strode back to me for some hugs.  

All other cats ran away once free, and only returned when it was mealtime.

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The Rainbow Bridge has had too much traffic recently.

Our friend Pocket ran off last week, and he is sorely missed.

Consider leaving a word or two of comfort; trust me, it really helps!


  1. That PO'M was one of a kind. I visited Pocket's people. Too much sadness these days...

  2. He was a handsome lover boy. Life is so cruel!

  3. PO'M was unique. A total legend.

  4. Dear Paddy, we loved that dude too, we really did.

  5. I so enjoyed hearing about PO'M. I was so happy when he came inside too. I'm still in shock.

    Yes there are to many going to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Big healing hugs. ♥

  6. dood.....ewe bee most handsum in de furst last and all de inn be tweenz fotoz.....♥♥♥

  7. PO'M was lucky to have you...and you him. ♥

  8. We didn't realize the PO'M had been around that long ! But no matter how long it is never long enough. Purrs.

  9. The PO'M was SO lucky to have come to your yard.
    Lots of love and purrs as we know you miss that sweet kitty <3
    Purrs, Julie and "mum" Nancy

  10. Thank you very much. We have not forgotten our good friend Paddy. We nope to see him soon.

  11. Paddy O'Malley was so handsome and sweet. I love these photos. XO

  12. Oh, the PO’M, how lovely a kitty, how lovely is story of out to inside kitty and how lovely that you had your memorable moments with him. So it goes….but sad, and that cannot be helped. He will visit you………in dreams, for sure.

  13. IT is only one opinion: but in my experience it hurts for a 1ong time. IT hurts different on different days. Hugs to you !!!

  14. What an amazing cat PO'M was with so much love to give. He reached across the web to grab so many by the strength of his character we thank you for sharing him with us all.
    We visited Pocket and left some words and agree they help so much.

  15. The PO'M was such a lover, even though only in outside places for most of the time you knew him...then those few days inside...I am so glad he got a good taste of it, and it was filled to overflowing with all of your love for him.

    We made a memento/card for Pocket too...


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