31 January, 2023

"But is a puzzlement"

It's Twozday!

Sorry, but I cannot tell which one is which in these cuddling pics.

If we can see their tummies, then small white spot is CB, 'underwear' is Manny.

As seen from above while on the paw, pear-shape is CB, thin is Manny.

Really up close on faces, Manny has a tiny white smudge next to his nose.

Otherwise...I throw my hands in the air!
Have noticed that they aren't always the same color of black fur; can you see that right-hand cat is more brown?


P.S. Today's post title is the last line in the song "A Puzzlement" by composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II, sung by the King of Siam about what he knows and does not know.


  1. Yup! At a glance it would be hard to tell them apart
    but at least they know who they are ;) MOL!!!!
    Their thought would be" call me anything, just don't call ne late for dinner" ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. The slightly browny tinge is the first thing we noticed. Which one is that?

    The Chans

  3. Da Boyz are most handsome and you're right about the coloring.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  4. We could sure never tell them apart but we do know that they are both adorable!

  5. I recognized the reference right away! I use it frequently. I did also notice the mahogany and black kitties. Each of all 10 here is a different "shade" of black. Their job is to keep us alert.

  6. Your clues help us less than they do you! We'll have to take your word for who is who...

  7. Your house panthers are like identical twins, only their moms (and dads), can tell them apart!


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