Friday, January 27, 2023

Old Man Winter

We had a substantial snowfall here on Wednesday.

Yesterday, I was able to check out the 'hood.
Black cat on the sidewalk ahead.
This is a stray who gets food and water at a neighbor's house, and sleeps in the garage.
The snow stuck to everything, making pretty patterns.
Snapped while on my rounds.
I dislike missing my walks, but I wasn't going to trudge through a blizzard!

More wintry weather is ahead, yet I have stacks of books to read, plenty of blankets to curl up in while I invite a cat or two to snuggle.

With a few hours of snow shoveling for exercise.

Reminds me of the old days, when 'O' Cats roamed!

January, 2011
Celestial Hobo


  1. Well, the pics are beautiful, and the little black one so sweet. We are so GLAD there is food and shelter for that kitty. And yes, good books (would love some titles for mama's winter reading) and a Loulou curled up with mama, haha.

  2. The snow looks lovely, but better seen from inside than out. I am glad the black cat has someone caring for it.

  3. Brrr... Stay safe, my dear, and thank you for the great photos.

  4. The snow is beautiful! I love looking at it from the warmth of Southern California.

  5. I so don't like seeing cats out in weather like that. BUT I well now I can dislike it forever...I can't change things.

  6. We had snow too...then we had rain on Thursday. Lots of rain.
    Tomorrow we might sun or rain or snow.
    Talk about covering all the bases!
    I will be cozy indoors!
    Purrs, Julie

  7. That's exactly the kind of snow I like...somewhere else besides here! Enjoy your snow fun.

  8. Looks like a winter wonderland. XO

  9. Brrrr! Looks like around here! We are not fond of the cold and have been loving the more seasonable weather. We are lucky, right now, all the cats have homes. Keep being awesome! Purrs Marv

  10. It is pretty but looks like stay in doors weather to me

  11. It looks like the heavy, wet kind of snow...

  12. We had that mess of a blizzard here, too. Put a kabosh on the things we wanted to do,


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