08 January, 2023

On The Sly

During my morning 'hood walk, Sly joined me when the snow began.
See the snow pellets in his fur?
As you can tell, he was distracted and refused to look into the camera.

Yet, he wouldn't let me leave, and followed me into the neighbor's yard when I attempted to restart my walk.

Totally worth the extra few minutes of canoodling with my fluffy Sly, before launching myself out into the pellet snow.


  1. I think Sly was waiting for you to stop by while out for your walk. He is quite handsome ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Do you know Sly's people? He is being kept in tip-top shape, if his fur is anything to go by.

  3. He is as Gidget meowed...I agree with her.

  4. Yes indeed, that Sly is one handsome kitty!

  5. Sly is gorgeous! Mr Kozmo goes out with Mom and Cinnamon almost every morning to guard Mom from being accosted by Merle (the feral who is now part of Ms Ms clowder) and Lucifer (the cat who lives across the street). So Mom does not get the opportunity to Kanoodle. She is a tad jealous. Purrs Marv

  6. Sly is sure a handsome guy.

  7. You're a brave kitty, Sly. We wonder what snow is, we're sure it makes one handsome like you😸Warm Pawkisses🐾😽💞


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