22 January, 2023

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day: 1/22

 22 January is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day.

Alright, kitties...let 'er rip!

Chili Bruce:
"Why do you humans take away my brofur Manny's food bowl, when it's still half-full of yummy goodness?  I want to eat it!"
Humans: "Because you'll look like Celestial Paddy O'Malley from overeating...commonly called a CHONK...and Manny will get skinnier and skinner."
Chili Bruce: "So?"
"How come you humans are always chasing me out of the kitchen?"
Humans: "It's unsanitary, plus you want to jump onto the countertops and then PUSH THINGS OFF THE EDGE."
Manny: "That's the whole point!"
Queen Sweetie:
"Humans, I have no questions for you.  I am content."
Humans: "We adore you, Shrimpie O'Holleran, and are rather chuffed that you've taken to being inside with us for almost three years now."
Queen Sweetie: (whispers) "Me too."


  1. Oh Sweetie! You are so very sweet! And the boys are so... typically boys!!!

    The Chans

  2. MOL!!! I giggled at some of the answers, especially Manny's "pushing things off the counters" ! Sweetie, I am so happy you like being an indoor kitty now. Life is good...right?
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Aww, lovely selfies, everyone! Now as to these questions, I can see a common thread with getting uneaten food. Cats need to form a union and deman more food more often, plus free gym membership including counter hopping and push offs 😉

  4. If CB ate more and M ate less (sort of like Jack Sprat and his wife) we would be able to tell one from the other, right? As for Sweetie, always good to have one contented cat in the clowder.

  5. MOL...loved your questions and answers, sweeties😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday🐾😽💞

  6. Sweetie, your question should be, why did I ever have a hard time coming inside...but nonetheless, we are so happy that you did!! Now you are living the life of a princess!

    Chile Bruce and Manny, you two made us giggle!

  7. What a sweetie you are Sweetie! Da Boyz are just silly, aren't they? MOL!

  8. Have you noticed how cats have come-backs for everything humans try to tell them?

  9. Those were all terrific...especially from sweet Sweetie!

  10. Those were great questions from the cats!

  11. Thank you for explaining the weird and wild ways of humans

  12. WoW! You guys got answers...our Peep just said "No" or "Because I said so". Keep being awesome! Purrs Marv


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