18 January, 2023

What Is That Thing?

There was a bright orb in the sky!

We humans were afraid for awhile, but The Eastside Cats knew what to do.

They basked in the sunshine.
Chili Bruce
Michigan tends to be overcast and grey in Wintertime, due to temperature inversion.

From late-fall through winter, the sun is lower in the sky, striking the ground at a smaller angle and producing less heat. The longer nights and shorter days cause the air to be colder. As the coldest air settles to the ground, a layer of warmer air above remains stable. Normally the atmosphere cools as you gain altitude but in a temperature inversion, it actually warms. Clouds which form near this layer tend to be stratiform or more horizontally spread out and long-lasting. 

Now you know why we were afraid; it's not normal!


  1. We saw that orb yesterday for a while too! Today is the usual grey and misty skies. Hurry up spring!

  2. Same here! We've had sun for the first time in days. It's cold out but beautiful!

    The Chans

  3. Hello, friends! We're happy to be visiting again! That thing in the sky hasn't been around much here, either. It is today, so we're enjoying sun baths!

  4. Enjoy that sunshine beautiful kitties! Nothing like sunlight on shiny black furs.

  5. The rain has gone away here and the bright orb is here too. It's cold though, but the sun is wonderful.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  6. We saw that golden globe here too, but it vanished before we could properly enjoy a sun-puddle or two. Then iit rained and drizzled...and today more of the same...must be the one forecaster was right...clods and rain till April 30th. MOL!

    1. Oops, that is a funny typo...clouds and ran...but yes, clods, too...of mud!

  7. Here too. Yesterday and today have been sunny but very cold. Nice pics!

  8. That orb came over HERE too yesterday only. Rainy and cold and foggy again. XX

  9. Sigh! You guys look so awsome basking in the light! We get valley fog and loads of clouds from the temperature being warmer up top. We too miss the sun puddles. On a happy note. We have had more seasonable weather and we have been out hunting mice under the snow! It is a TON of fun!

  10. You boys look wonderful! We saw that strange thing in the sky for a few minutes too, weird it was.

  11. We had some today too! Between the rain storms...

  12. Interesting! Today we have some welcome sunshine. Stay warm!


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