Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Patty OH!

Pounds o' Patty
Patty O'Malley has gotten quite large in a short time.  I swear, I am feeding the outside cats the same amounts as ever, but Patty is either pushing the other's off their bowls, or he's snacking somewhere else as well as eating my food.
3 and a half cats!
As you can see by the photo above, he's much bigger than Sammy or Mama Mia.  He grew large last year, in the winter, but I think he's moving into sumo wrestler range now.    

I hate to withhold food, especially when it's cold, however Pounds O' Patty needs a break!  I've cut back on the amount of kibble, since that's so full of carbs.   Wonder how I can get him exercising...?  

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