Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Sweetie's got something in her fur!
We first met Sweetie in the summer of 2009, when Hobo encouraged her to eat from his food bowl on our deck.  We quickly figured out she was expecting, and the hubby built a wooden cat shelter from a design found online; insulated and big enough for a whole family.  But Sweetie and her babies never used our shelter, even though I dragged it to different parts of the yard, thinking it was the location that they didn't like.  Over a year later, after taking a class in TNR and shelter building, I figured out the problem, and promptly stuffed that shelter full of straw.  Voila!  The cats began to sleep in the shelter!

Years have come and gone, and at first I would fret when I changed out the straw, thinking the ferals would run away!  They may have for a day or two, but they always came back.  Now, I'm adding to, or fluffing up the straw enough times a year that Patty and Sweetie sit on the deck and watch me, before heading back inside 'their' home.  Seeing a stick of straw in Sweetie's fur today made me realize just how much I love these kitties, and how pleased I am that they choose to live in the accommodations that we've made for them.  Yes, I am still fretting over this cold, cold Winter, and I dream of making them a home INSIDE somehow, but they are living here and I am grateful for that.


  1. That's a straw of love indeed. I didn't know placing straw would make such big difference. Sweetie and Patty are so lucky to have a warm, comfy place to stay and you who care and love them so much :-)

  2. guys...pleez ta tell yur mom... sweetie & patty iz grate full bee yond werds for what her does, did & will due....they iz happee with wear ther iz; ore they wood knot be bak ore stix a round....

    sillie az it soundz...sum times ferals due knot wanna ..."come in" .....and sum times two much... "in" ....can stress em...

    de food gurl heer haza ton oh worree for barry, little gray, turtle & snow....but haz seen em survive a host oh weatherz situationz....N they show up round de hood lookin fat & sassy az ever ~~

    sweetie & patty NOE they iz & all ways will be loved....N that helps... a mega bunch ♥♥♥♥

  3. Sometimes the most we can do is provide the necessities. They are very lucky to have you!

  4. It's funny how something so simple as a piece of straw can convey so much emotion. The kitties love their home and all you do to make it comfortable for them.

  5. I completely second Raven (The Indulged Furries)!

  6. God bless YOU, your FOOD, LOVE and STRAW! xoxo


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