Monday, February 16, 2015


Patty and Sweetie yesterday, around 2:30 pm
Patty once again photobombs Sweetie
Yep, 3 degrees was our high temperature!
Patty and Sweetie enjoyed the bright sunshine yesterday, and I was glad that they appeared to be okay.  This frigid air is supposed to last for another couple of days, so you know I'll be watching them carefully. Sweetie had frost on her whiskers this morning!  Couldn't take a photo, with mittens on.

And then:
Temp at home, just before I left the office

Last year was the coldest and snowiest for Metro Detroit.  So why is it colder NOW than last year?  I mean, I feel for the folks out east getting buckets of snow, and down south getting ice and all kinds of nastiness weather.  But c'mon now, Mother Nature!  Ease up on us...please!  My 'o' cats may be hardy, and healthy, and have a nice Cat Hotel, but I'm just beside myself until the overnight temps get into positive territory.  It may be March by the time the jet stream patterns or arctic blasts or Storm Ophelia or Stormin' Norman move along.  Sheesh...


  1. It sure is cold there but both Patty and Sweetie are looking like they're in good condition. Hopefully the bitter cold will break soon!

  2. Thanks for taking care of those precious kitties! We in Minneapolis had the record snow last winter, totally no fun at all.

  3. guys....we heer ya...N if we iz spozed ta bee sufferin frum global warmim...we iz knot sure any one in de states getted de info ....brrrrrrrrr

    itza brisk one heer az well.......pleez ta stay safe N warm ♥♥♥

  4. Your area is colder than Alaska, that sounds crazy! We had freezing rain yesterday and had power outage for about half a day.
    I love that photobombing photo. Are they Patty's whiskers? That's very artistic photobomb!

  5. Frost on whiskers? BRRRR! Stay toasty! We'll try to send some of our early spring weather your way!

  6. Brrr, frosty whiskers. We can sympathize. Our temps have been on the teens and single digits.

  7. Wow.... frosty whiskers. We had no idea that could happen. We're so glad you are looking out for them. And we too, are very anxiously awaiting spring. Please hurry this year.

  8. We can't win. Last year we were buried in snow, this year, normal snow but frigid temps. I don't know if you know, but you normally can't have tons of snow in frigid temps. It only snows when the temp goes up (large snowstorms)

  9. Such cuties. Your kitty hotel is obviously keeping them warm- their ears don't even have frostbite. When we found Prancie 10 years ago, her ears were frostbitten :(

  10. We sure are tired of all the cold! And we're inside cats. We can only imagine how Patty and Sweetie feel.

  11. I bet your O cats are so happy. Without you, they'd be catsicles! And don't think they don't know it because they do, and they ❤ you!


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