Thursday, February 19, 2015

Update on 2015 Resolutions

My 2015 Cat Resolutions

For Angel and Chuck:
1) I resolve to put quality in our time together; toy play with Angel, and one-on-one with Chuck. Every day, I try new things with both Angel and Chuck - updates forthcoming
DONE! 2) I resolve to finish the transition to wheat litter, in hopes that it reduces Chuck's intestinal issues.  Only wheat litter in the boxes now!  No noticeable change for Chuck...drat!
3) I resolve to allow solutions to cat problems to grow organically with time, rather than jump to conclusions, or react with panic, or feel pressure to fix it NOW. Yeah, well...a little panic over sub-zero temps is normal, right?  Guess I'm still working on this resolution.
4) I resolve to find a new veterinarian, preferably a holistic practitioner. I think I've found one, but Angel and Chuck are doing well right now...will wait until late Spring to make appointments.

For the 'o' cats:
DONE! 1) I resolve to take both Sweetie and Patty in for veterinary check-ups in the Spring.  No more wishy-washy 'should I, shouldn't I?' about this.  Can't do it now, because we have no electricity for a heater in the barn as holding area, and it's too cold out now.  Adding to resolution: Get Sweetie back to vet for dental.  Another warmer weather item.
2) I resolve to TNR the elusive Wild Bill Russell.  Haven't seen this cat for weeks now, but I'm still looking!
3) I resolve to put Sammy's heart-shaped container in a place that I can see daily.  Where do I put such a valuable item?  When the flowers come up in the spring, perhaps I sprinkle his ashes in the memory garden I made for him; he lived out there, after all.  

For friends and family:
1) I resolve to assist The Paw ProjectAlliance for Contraception in Cats and DogsBest Friends Animal SocietyPaws for the CauseAll About Animals Spay and Neuter Clinic and others in as many ways as I can!  I hope to do at least one project for each this year.
2) I resolve to encourage all cat-loving people that I meet to give 100% of themselves to their feline family members.  Keeping my patience with co-workers who tell me horror stories about their animals, or by calmly fielding angry or insulting comments from people during adoption events WITHOUT turning bright red in the face...

For myself:
1) I resolve to work on my own health, so I can offer positive vibes and attitude to the hubby, my people and cat families, and to my co-workers. This includes physical exercise and mental relaxation.  2015 is my year for joy, humor, and growth!  Um...well, it's only February...and it's freezing cold, and the office move to the new location has hit eleventy million snags.
2) I resolve to re-establish electricity to the barn, by sweetly encouraging the hubby to GET IT DONE.  Arg, now he's thinking the money would be better spent on plumbing to keep him on track here!
Smilin' I miss your meows!


  1. For the most part, the resolutions appear to be going well.
    Sometimes fine tuning is needed :)
    Thank you for your thoughts about Treasure.
    He is doing well :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and the mom

  2. guys...that yur mom can chex stuff off az ta bee in com pleet iz way better N 89 purr cent better N most.....frank lee make that 98 purr cent better N most !!! ☺☺

    heerz two a corydoras & cherry salmon kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  3. It's only February and you've done some of your resolutions. That's great!
    I think it's a lovely idea to sprinkle Sammy's ashes in your memory garden. He would be very happy to rest on flowers.
    Good luck with keeping your husband on track. Sometimes husbands wander off, don't they? Haha :-)
    That's a beautiful photo of Sammy. He is forever missed xoxo

  4. You're making great progress! Pat yourself on your back :)

  5. We all think you've made some great strides already!

  6. Sounds like you are doing really well with most of them. The Chinese New Year just started and so can you on the ones you need to. I still haven't made any for 2015 yet.


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