Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cats at Work? Yes, at Ferray Corporation in Japan!

Check this out!

Wish I could work there!  Years ago, I was employed in a very small, family-run business whose owners brought their dog in on Saturdays.  While I stuffed envelopes and licked stamps (yes, that long ago!), the dog would put his big head in my lap.  I had no idea how great that was, until I worked in other places...especially big corporate offices...where the mere thought of an animal in the office is frowned upon.  Maybe I'll accidentally leave a copy of this news article on the boss's you think that might help?

Guess I'll just have to satisfy my cat-craving at the office with a cat calendar, and photos of my kitties (I have more framed photos than shown above...and a photo of the hubby as a boy...), and of course I wear my cat-fur covered clothes!


  1. I like your work space, one needs to see cats to keep motivated. An office cat would be nice too.

  2. guys...we a gree, if take yur dawg ta werk week werkz...take yur cat ta werk can werk two tho rememburr we wont werk when we get ta werk !!! ♥♥♥

  3. My mom always wondered why her old place couldn't have a Bring Your Cat To Work Day. Sounds like a fun idea to us!


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