Thursday, April 6, 2017

Vacation Travels: Stuff (Books) that I Purchased

"The Tao of Meow"

"The Importance Of Being Oscar"
A page from "The Importance Of Being Oscar"

"Why Paint Cats"'s a spoof!
No cats were painted; photos were touched up!

A page from "Why Paint Cats"

"The Enchanted Cat"

A page from "An Enchanted Cat"

Another page from "An Enchanted Cat"

Visiting John K. King Used & Rare Books stores in Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan while on vacation was fantabulous!  I purchased two books as each location, and then snuck them into the house in my tote bag so The Hubby didn't see.  Of course, on the shelves were copies of Gwen Cooper's "Homer's Odyssey", all books published about Dewey Readmore Books, and various editions of Cleveland Amory's books, but I have all of those, and I wanted something different, something that sparked my cat mind!  I found:

The Tao Of Meow, by Deborah Wood
The Importance of Being Oscar, by Miche√°l MacLiamm√≥ir
Why Paint Cats, by Burton Silver and Heather Busch (Don't worry, it's a spoof!)
The Enchanted Cat, by John Richard Stephens

I have not read a single book yet, but I'm sure I'll work each one onto my reading list for the summer.
In addition, I purchased a sleeping cat sticker to apply to the wall over a light switch, for $5 from The Catfe' Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan. It's too cute...think I'll put it in my office at work, to amuse myself.
Sleeping Cat Sticker


  1. All your new books look wonderful. When I get a good haul of books I like to read them slowly and savour them. But sometimes I forget about them!
    Love the cat sticker.

  2. MOL MOL I, too, resit everything except temptation!!
    Very nice post and lots of great reading
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. food gurl heer sayz ta tell yur food gurl ther ta chex out abe books sum time...they bee online....itz like a kid in de candee stor her sayz !!! ☺☺

  4. Those are some really cool cat finds!

  5. Looks like you'll be busy reading!

  6. Those look like very fun reads! And we especially like the cat sticker. We have 3 cat switch plates--we should get our mom to show them.

  7. Those look great, I have never seen any of those.

  8. What a purrrrfect post! They look great, thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Those look really great!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. Those look really great!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  11. Looks like some good reading is ahead for you. And that sticker, I love it!

  12. We love cat books but haven't seen any of these. Have you read The Fur Person by May Sarton? It's my very favorite book of all time. So charming.

    1. I've just requested The Fur Person from my local library, on your recommendation! See, I'm not reading 'my' books yet...LOL!

  13. The cat books look great! I would like to suggest one more...I laughed heartily throughout this book and found it most enjoyable. It is called "All My Patients are Under the Bed" by Louis J. Camuti. Louis J. Camuti was a veterinarian who made house calls to cat owners. Brilliant book! :)

  14. Those books are all pretty amazing =)
    Books, cats and a vacation...I'm a teeny bit envious!!


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