24 September, 2018

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Thank you all for the Blogoversary wishes!

Sorry that Paddy O'Malley's video was messed up...
it's all fixed now!

On Friday, September 21, my friend Beth and I drove from Detroit to Cleveland, Ohio, to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art.  We attended the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition.  The Infinity Mirrors is a kind of performance art; most of the displays were mirrored rooms, that one stood inside and had the lights and artwork reflected back and forth, out to nothingness.  While I'll admit that modern art isn't my cup of tea, being a part of something that the one doesn't just observe but also takes part in, is quite fun!

This is a permanent display of
Yoyoi Kusama's art at the museum

Was like being in outer space!

Okay...it was a bit creepy, but interesting at the same time!

In this room, every visitor was given a page of dot stickers,
and we were instructed that we weren't allowed to leave until
we'd stuck all of our stickers in this room!
We couldn't stick them to ourselves, or the employees...

Beth stacked her stickers into a face, while I searched for white space
to stick down my dots.  It was much more fun than you'd think!
After a delightful lunch in the museum cafe', we headed out to visit the rest of the museum:

Ancient Egyptian Cat coffin

Yep, that's George Washington!

One of Monet's Water Lilies

A Pollock
(I love Pollock!)

Tiffany Lamp
Selfie of Beth and I in front of
Warhol's "Marilyn x 100"
Seriously, we only saw two cats in the whole museum, and both were in the Ancient Egyptian area.  C'mon, Cleveland!  We know there are lots of cat lovers there; get some more cat art!  Sheesh!


  1. I would have had fun in the sticker room. How fun is that.

    I agree on there not being enough kitties and cats. There should have been lots.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 🖤

  2. That was pretty interesting, a little weird art, but interesting!

  3. That looks like a fun place to visit. My great niece would love the sticker room :)

  4. I would LOV E to have seen that. I love the pictures you let us see.

  5. Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Next time, you must take Manny and CB to the dot room. We think they'd love it!

  6. Wow! That looks like the funnest museum ever! The Human would kill to get into that "spacey" room and the "dot" room too. I think the kitties might have enjoyed that too, but I suppose you didn't even get invited, did you?? Sigh. Humans get to do all the fun stuff.

  7. That looks lot of fun! That dot room makes me feel a bit dizzy lol :-) Great exhibitions. I'm big fan of impressionism. Beautiful water lilies!

  8. I am from Cleveland, but haven't been back there in many many years. That sure sounds like a fun adventure. Lots of good stuff to see.

  9. Cool museum! Would love to contribute to that dot room!

  10. I like to wander through museums...in fact, I need to make a visit to our local one. Been years since I visited.

  11. Yeah, we don't get modern art either. Glad you had a good time. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  12. This exhibition looks a bit like the one I saw in Tate Modern in London :D
    And mirrors room sounds interesting. I would love to see it on my own!


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