12 May, 2023


 Da Boyz did NOT sail through their vaccinations as well as they did their dentals.

Wednesday, we got the thumbs-up on at their post-surgery check-up: all good!

They each were given a Rabies jab, and an FVRCP combination vaccine.

Thursday morning, neither would eat breakfast nor hang out with their humans.

Am telling you, I felt like I'd broken my kitties.

The vet's office invited us back, to check if either were running a fever, but they weren't.

They were given MORE jabs: a Benadryl shot and one for nausea.

Some gunk rubbed in their ears to stimulate appetite, and off we went again.

Thankfully, after a short while, The Hubby got them to eat a good-sized meal, and I fed them more later.

πŸ’•My babies!πŸ’•

To de-stress myself, I ventured into the yard to check out the gardens:
Jacob's Ladder
Silky Dogwood


  1. Little Genji used to react badly to vaccination, so Dr. C would always give him a dose of Metacam at the same time as the vaccines. We never had a problem after that.

    The Chans

  2. Sad and scary to have that happen, but glad they bounced back ...

  3. Gee, that is too bad they did not feel well after the vaccinations, but happy to hear they bounced back. Nice flowers in the garden :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. the same thing happened here after gidgets roster shots this year. she felt crappy for < 48 hours then was back to normal. she even napped UTC during the day which she never does .

  5. Raz says "Thanks for stopping by our blog and helping me celebrate my birthday." He also had a bad reaction to vaccinations.

  6. We understand that one. Brian usually has a hard time recovering from his vaccines too, especially the rabies shot. I'm glad the boys are doing better.

  7. Well, at least your boys weren't broken for long and were chowing down hardy at the end of this debacle. Unfortunately, doing our best for our kitties also involves some unpleasantries. It's good to know they are back in fine form.

  8. Poor kitties. Mine used to get sick with the 3 yr shot, but not with the one year non-adjunct rabies. Glad they are feeling better.

  9. I'm glad they finally ate and are feeling better.

  10. I think they were punishing you fro the vet visit.

  11. Ohh, those poor boys. Glad to hear they did end up chowing down, though. My mom and dad are learning very fast that any little upheaval really upsets me and they feel like they broke me, too. I guess I just stress out easily.

  12. I know that hurt. We can't stand it when our babies aren't well..no matter the reason. SO glad the biys recovered.

  13. I've heard some vets (or is all?) in the U.S. must give rabies shots to cats. We don't do it here if the owner doesn't want it. The boys don't really need it - being indoor cats - do they?

  14. We had some issues like that years ago, and since then we always separate vaccines by about 2 weeks. That way we knew which one was causing the trouble...did that for the unfurs as well, LOL!
    Yes, its more vet trips, but it did help.
    Glad those two are feeling better, now.

  15. I'm so sorry for your scare and glad they're doing better. ~hugs~


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