04 May, 2023

May The 4th👽

Happy Star Wars Day!

I was at the movie theater on 21 July, 1978, when "Star Wars" premiered, and received this pin as opening day swag.

Am thankful to have been whisked away to a world of aliens, droids, and fascinating storytelling.
Enjoy your May the Fourth, and here are a few cats-really-are-aliens images for your entertainment:
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  1. MOL!! May the force be with you too!
    Those were exciting days that took us to worlds we could never imagine! The images are great too. I am definitely here for the cats!

  2. Probably my favorite saying "May the Force be With you". Powerful indeed. And if not for the cats life would so be missing the best part. XO

  3. My pawrents were at the opening day too, but didn't get pins. Still, it was memorable because the theatre was HUGE and seated several thousand. So fun!

  4. I totally forgot what today was, thanks! I love, love, love those funnies!

  5. Cool Star Wars pin!

  6. How cool to attend a premier! That movie was so much fun when it first came out, we loved it! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. While I wasn't born yet for the originals, they were a huge part of my childhood and some of my favorite movies.

  8. How neat that you got that pin. :D


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