22 June, 2019

Does this logo resemble a cat's nose?

"Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla logo is the nose of the cat

Posted on 06.04.2019 by Uriy 

Users of social networks had earlier suggested that the logo of the company Tesla created based on the human body.

It was noticed by Twitter users and the company’s founder Elon Musk has confirmed, writes Gromadska.

One of the users posted a screenshot of the message, which depicts the logo of Tesla and nose of the cat. The user asked the Mask, is it true that the logo of the company created by analogy with the cat’s nose? Is the founder of Tesla replied curtly: “Yes.”

According to the publication, users of social networks had earlier suggested that the logo of the Tesla is inspired by the structure of the female reproductive system.

Features of the cat’s nose like with the Tesla logo 

UNIAN reported earlier that the owner of the American company SpaceX and the head of electric car manufacturer Tesla Elon Musk for the first two minutes of trading on the NASDAQ has lost $1.1 billion, after the shares of Tesla Inc. fell by 11%."

Tesla makes electric automobiles, available globally
Elon Musk is the co-founder of Tesla
Image from the interwebs
Here's The PO'M's version of the Tesla logo


  1. We believe that cats have not been used as inspirations for logos and such!

    Tama and Genji

  2. PO'M I purrsonally think your nose would be a much better logo. The black portion oozes uniqueness
    Hugs cecilia

  3. We think it's pretty cool that the Tesla has a cat's nose as its logo.

  4. I knew Elon Musk was a genius :)

  5. Of course it's a cat's nose..but this does prove you have to be careful..remember the two men in the hot tub logo in Canada? (and it was supposed to be a flower, haha - Tom x

  6. I didn’t notice before but it does look like kitty nose!

  7. Wow, it does look like the nose of a cat now that you pointed that out. Yay, another famous cat lover just in time for Cat Domination Day!

  8. I prefer the real nose of a real cat. I just don't have much affinity for spoiled billionaires. I don't know why. Cats, on the other hand...

  9. That is really cool! I had no idea.

  10. Since we luv ELON MUSK (even tho he's a bit on the wild n crazee side ... or maybe more than a "bit") and follow him and have gotten 'bout as close as one can to his site at KSC ... we'll say SURE ... tis a kitten nose, that's just what he would do! After all, he put his car in a rocket, and has named another the BFR or something like that ... gotta luv that guy!


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