Monday, May 10, 2021

Outside Lap Cat


Paddy climbs into my lap the moment I make one for him.

I must use a jacket or my heavy canvas apron to protect my body from his claws, and he obviously thinks I'm simply making a more comfy lap for his snooze!

Often, while fulfilling my role as human cat bed and The PO'M sleeps, I'll chat on the phone, or listen to my audiobook.


On a very sad note, Angel Bear gained his wings this weekend.
Click on the image above to visit Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat Blog to leave words of sympathy.


  1. Thank you. It means the world to see other people remembering Bear. I'm really hurting and I feel so alone for the first time in 14 years. Your friendship helps.

    1. It's a grief like no other, and we all have to go through it alone. You've done the best that you could; please be at peace about that.

  2. You are such a handsome dude Sir Paddy. We're all so very sad about dear Bear.

  3. What a big love that PO'M is, I just want to fly to MI and snuggle that boy! I am so sorry to hear about Bear, what a sad loss.

  4. Oh Paddy, you look so comfy on that lap :)
    It's nice to be spoiled, right?
    I am sorry to hear about Bear.
    Purrs, Julie

  5. I wondered how you managed Paddy's claws. And yes, Bear flew away. It grieves me for Katherine.

  6. You look so comfy on her lap. I know she loves it as much as you do.

    So sorry to hear about Bear. I left a comment on her blog.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  7. Oh no! I didn't know about Bear. I will go right over.
    Paddy loves your lap.

  8. PO"M is such a sweetie. I cried when I read about Bear. XO

  9. Paddy is one special Man cat! It is amazing how they walk into our yard and take over our hearts! We were sad to read about Bear. Mom still has water coming out her eyes.

  10. There is nothing like an outside lap. I am sorry to read about Bear.

  11. Inside or out, there's nothing like a nice warm padded lap. He looks so gosh darn comfy up there!

  12. We send hugs to Katherine for her loss.
    Paddy looks about as comfortable as a kitty can get!

  13. Geez, PO'M, you need to be an insider-cat. It's not much different than the life you're living now - just safer!

  14. I was sad to read about Bear. :( Be well, my dears.

  15. Shared your mention of Bear on our blog today. Thank you <3


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