24 June, 2022

Cat World Domination Day 6/24

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 Cats Rule!

Reporter: "Let's interview the residents of Eastside Cats for their plans on global domination."

Reporter: Mr. Manny, can you describe your intentions for global domination?
Manny: "Zzzzzz...zzzzz..."
Reporter: "Hm, well...we'll return to interview Mr. Manny when he's not showing his underwear to the world."

Reporter: Mr. CB, if I may call you that.
Will you tell us your plans to cats, such as yourself, to rule the World?
Chili Bruce: "Squirrel!  Hey, Squirrel!  Don't act like you don't know I'm here!"
Reporter: *sigh* We'll need to circle back with Mr. CB.

Reporter: *ahem*
"Queen Sweetie of Eastside Cats and The State of Michigan, Ruler of All That She Surveys, Defender of Mealtimes, Complete Authority of The Bed Realm, and Champion of Tissue Paper."
*deep breath*
"Can you inform your adoring public on future strategies for Cat World Domination?"
Queen Sweetie: "Quiet, peasant, or you'll get the murder mitt treatment!"
Reporter: "My pardon"...*backs away carefully yet quickly* 

Reporter: "There you have it!
Breaking news on cats ruling the world.
Despite the fact that they already rule the interwebs, and that means they have control of the world!"


  1. The reporter didn't have much luck there, the cats were too busy to waste their time with him.

  2. hey manny, r yoo wearing yor spee-dough?

  3. I knew the murder mitts would show up at some point. Glad I wasn't disappointed.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

  4. Oh yes, cats most definitely rule the world! Especially with those murder mitts that Sweetie has!

  5. As is typical, it is the female in the house that has a handle on what's going on - murder mitts are a good starting point to world domination Sweetie - good plan - MOL!

  6. Cats rule...everyone else drools! ~Ernie

  7. They're playing their cards close to their vests...

  8. Bravo everyone, you nailed it!

  9. Happy Cat World Domination Day! XO

  10. We bow down to both your greatness and cleverness

  11. GOSH! We MISSED Cat Workdl Domination Day!?! I wonder what else we hav missed with Mom not helping us blog! Im shall take this up with the Cat Union. Purrhaps they have a course on CATNIPULATION that I, Marv could take to hone my prodigious skills. Sending you purrs and head bonks and we hope that you and your Peeps, have a marvellously happy weekend. Marv

  12. Hmmm, well, now we know who is the boss and the dominator at your den and the world knows it too!

  13. HILARIOUS. LOVE the interviews but I have to ask, as a kitty, "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU EXPECT, oh, lowly newsanthro? You expected RESPONSES? HAH! Back to interview school for you, baby, and come back next year when we celebrate once again the DOMINATION of KITTIES FAR AND WIDE on this illustrious day.

  14. Are you really really sure the question directed to Manny - was that Manny, it could have been Chili Bruce and when you asked Chili Bruce a question, well you could have been talking to Manny and maybe when you thought you were chatting with Sweetness it must may have been Chili Bruce or Manny disguised at Sweetness because after all Chili Bruce and Manny or is it Manny and Chili Bruce, only they know fur sure, and even Sweetness sometimes might get in the mix and gosh by golly, three black kitties, as handsome as they may be, do look a lot of like and yes, they dominate their world and yours, but oh my goodness, I don't think we have anything more to say on this topic, as we are getting a little bit, or maybe a lot redundant here, so paws up all you kitties ... enjoy this day, your day, as if every day were not really your day. (if you didn't notice JUNE is very chatty)

  15. THis, the interview with Eastside Cats is the frst time I have ever been able to get in on one of their conversations. Well, not conversation exactly...more exactally, their answers to the questioner. However, *I* and everyone else knows that questions aren't ever answered by cats, They know their everyday expectations WILL be fulfilled by we cats slaves and so, there is nothing to speak of to us. Nor will they give us information on what they are thinking and hw they rule, I usually hear a snicker and a snort if I ask those sort of questions.

  16. GIDGET! That was a perfect question!!!!!!!!

  17. We rule every day. Did I hear squirrel?

  18. I'm so glad you got to celebrate Cat World Domination Day in proper form! MOL


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