22 June, 2022

In Her Own Fashion

It's Sweetnesday!

Our wee one always keeps us on our toes.
"Where is she?"
Sweetie: "I'm keeping my eyes on you!"
Murder mitts close up
Best to remain far away from these!
Each day with Sweetie always has a surprise inside.

We have the sads for Angel River Song.

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Farewell, Angel River Song
Get better soon, Cleo

Above images of River and Cleo borrowed from their blogs.


  1. Oh, we are sad, too, for River Song's famille. And let's hope that Cleo is better, too. Love your Sweetiepoo.

  2. Sweetie..I would stay away in droves from those claws!

  3. Oh, yes. Those murder mitts! Sweetie's such a gorgeous girl!

  4. Those claws are pretty impressive Sweetie! We're sure purring for dear Cleo and we're very sad about sweet River Song.

  5. yoo needz to send sweetie to my salon, i'll call my stylist, see if she can fit yoo in

  6. So sad about River Song. I've already been over there.

    I love sweetness day. Not the murder mitts, but everything else.

    Have a purrfect day and rest of the week. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

  7. You are a true queen, Sweetie!

    We did not know River Song. How sad. We had also missed the post about Cleo, so thank you for letting us know.

    The Chans

  8. Looking at Sweetie's paws and claws reminded me that I was able to cut Hector's claws by myself during my holidays. I hope it won't be something I can do only while I'm off work...

  9. Sweetie is a cutie. So sad about River Song. And I am praying for Cleo. XO

  10. Sweetie, we for sure will not tempt fate by getting close to your Murder mitts...

  11. Thank you. Your supports means a lot to me. Prayers for Sweetie

  12. Good job, Sweetie! Always keep your human on their toes!

  13. Losing a beloved pet is never easy. I'm so glad Sweetie came inside. Your family is awesome. ~hugs~


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