16 September, 2022

As Seen on Foot

More 'hood cats!
He's a Lykoi, and lives in my neighborhood but this is my first time meeting him and his humans.
They are training him to walk on a leash.
Read about Lykoi cats here: Wikipedia.org: Lykoi
Stray kitten, who is cared for.
Unknown alley cat...yes, that's a real alley!
A chill owned cat; I hope to discover her name, but haven't worked up the nerve to just knock on the door and ask.

Friends, it amazes me how many new, not-seen-before cats that I meet day in and day out in my 'hood.

At least I consistently have material for new posts.


  1. When we used to walk in the park we would meet all the kitties that lived in the neighborhood. I loved on everyone of them that would let me. Thank you for making me remember that.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. we haz neber seen cat in owr nayborhood, only d-o-gz, cept fur willy and benny but both obs dem are gone now. eberrywun haz d-o-g-z here, but they are nice dogz, and burds lotz an lotz ov burds, an sum big burdz like hawkz and vulturez. a dove gave burth lass week in owr naybors tree

  3. Nice to meet the neighbourhood cats. The ginger and white looks a lot like Flynn.

  4. How lovely to live in such a cat-friendly place!

  5. You do have lots of sweet kitties in your neck of the woods, so cute!

  6. It’s fun to meet new friends. I’m impressed someone has a Lykoi. I’ve never seen one outside the show hall.

  7. Spike is a new breed to me, which means today I have learned something new!

    I always enjoy seeing all your neighborhood 'finds'.

  8. If i had a chance to see adorable cats like these, I would walk sometime. XO

  9. My human still doesn't get the Lykois! Even though she's seen them pretty frequently at cat shows! They still look weird to her.

  10. Cats just keep coming out to meet you. They know a kindred spirit when they see one.


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