23 September, 2022

Don't let her fool you

Thank you all for your kind comments on our reaching our 9th Blogoversary.

I have so much fun here.
Since we missed it yesterday...it's Sweetnesday today!

Now, you may think Queen Sweet The First is a lazy, pampered housepanther.
You note that she is often photographed while snoozing...
...Often in the window, with sunshine warming her fur.
And yet, just who made these dusty paw prints on my laptop...on top of my desk?

And nope, you cannot say "Manny or Chili Bruce did it!" because they are locked downstairs, while only one cat is in the Sweetie Suite, formerly known as Angel's Apartment.

Which is where my office...er, um...desk and computers, monitors, cables, printer, piles of paperwork, etc. are.

Yep, that sleepy kitty is still mountain climbing!

Her placid image is a ruse; she's got mischief up her fur.

Along with her murder mitts...


  1. we finks she is practicing her danse movez

  2. I think she's purrfect. She may have murder mitts, but she's purrfect.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. Sweetie really is so sweet and Royal in her DEluxe apartment in the sky!

  4. Oh yes, those pawprints are always a giveaway!

  5. Laptops make great heat pads, don't you know?! :D

  6. I think that signed mat would be worth a lot of money

  7. Happy Blogversary, just popping over from Brian's Thankful Thursday post and wishing you a great weekend xxxx

  8. Awesome! She is thriving, it's clear. Be well!

  9. Sweetie is such a generous cat! Furrs, paw prints, And Love! It is wonderful that she has her own apartment..Sending you both Whisker kisses Marv


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