Thursday, December 8, 2016


This is the time of year when I get especially concerned about Sweetie and Patty O'Malley.  Since I cannot coax them up The Stairway to Heaven and inside the house, this means they are living outside while the first frigid airmass of the season sweeps in.  I am glued to the weather reports, see below...

Copy and pasted from
 ...and I make up my own temperature graph, and update it every day.
2016 Temperature Graph for home
At some point, I drew an imaginary line in the sand...or my mind, that above 20 degrees F (-6.7 C) means the cats are okay.  They have a warming pad, windbreaks over the doors, lots of fresh straw, and each other to curl up with.  Yet you know that I will be worried and fretting until March regardless.  And the temps are most definitely dropping below my magic line next week.  I've harbored the thought of grabbing them and forcing them inside, but it's really just to ease my mind. No, it's not perfect, and no, the cats aren't 100% in comfort with frozen water bowls and ice wherever they walk.  And yet, they've lived through two of the coldest winters in Michigan (2013-14 & 2014-2015), and yes, they have food, fresh water and shelter.

You can tell that I am a city kid, right?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Switch

After reviewing my handiwork yesterday on the office credenza, I realized that the frames were all wrong, and I switched them.  Better, I think!  Quint's artwork kind of got lost with the pale frame, but it looks great on the watercolor.

And, I rubbed some of this holistic cream on Patty O'Malley's back wound this morning; you can see that he doesn't care as long as he gets hugged!  No photos of his boo-boo, but he apparently was bitten and an abscess formed.  He licked all the fur off of the area, and now there is only a big sore left, which is healing nicely.  But I rubbed some cream on it anyhow, and told him to leave it alone and not lick it off!  Do you think he'll listen to me?  The Hubby advised that he broke up a fight between Patty and some other cat on our porch last night, before I got home from work.  No details on the other cat since it was dark, but if he (of course, it's a he!) keeps messing with Patty, I will set out my traps for a neutering.  I wonder if this fighter cat just wants to use a shelter to sleep in?  We will keep an eye out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Additions to The Office Cat Collection

"Watercolor Cat"
by Pamela Baril
Treat The Dog, in Farmington Michigan

"Quint's Starry Night"
by Quint
from Colehauscats

Pawtographed Photo of Kitty King Cat of Finland
Punapippuri himself!
Pikku Punapippuri

Hobo, in a new-to-me cat frame
found at thrift store
Taking photos on an old iPhone in overhead, florescent light does not bode well for great results, however walking all over the building while I try to find better lighting does not bode well for my job!

There is still more room on
my credenza!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Taken on Sunday

Chucky, enjoying a new box top
(Actually, it's the lid from a Panera restaurant
catering tray!)
Angel, caught as she woke up

Patty O'Malley, showing off his territorial domination

Sweetie, showing off the straw and fur stuck
to her hindquarters!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sad News

Today, some of our blogging family lost loved ones:

Mickey's Musings at lost Treasure, a gorgeous mancat with lovely furrs.

One Spoiled Cat at lost Sammy, who has flown up to heaven.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Angel Treasure and Angel Sammy, as you return to the light.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


I love this beautiful pin!  On the back, is stamped "Mariah" and Laural Burch.  It was a gift from some really cool family members, whom I do NOT see often enough.  This pin perfectly matches my eyeglasses, so I'll be wearing it often.  Thanks again, P&C!

Now, here are two gifts that I gave myself: a pajama set (super WARM!) and a pretty t-shirty top to wear to the office.  Can you tell which one is which?  No?  The Hubby noticed this apparent reproduction of patterns yesterday, as I ate breakfast in the jammies, then dressed for work.  He did a double-take, feeling certain that I was still in my sleepwear!  What can I say...I like this kind of pattern.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Feral Friend Hobo

Hobo, last weekend
Took a walk down the street to see if my old friend Hobo was out and about, and was delighted to see his furry face again!  I did not bring any food (Note to self: ALWAYS stuff some kibble in your pocket if you are out visiting cat friends!), so after regarding me for a moment, he turned back to the door of the home where he's currently residing in the yard.

I so wish I could sweep him into my arms and muwa, muwa, muwa on that boy, but he's never allowed any touching.  Since he's 'living' with someone else, I guess I just have to visit from the other side of the fence, and send warm, loving thoughts as the temps begin to drop.

Hobo, when I was his mama
Hobo was responsible for bringing Sweetie to our door.  Now, since 2009, Sweetie is a full-time resident, while Hobo wandered down the alley to someone else.  Probably he gave up his territory to Patty O'Malley, who'd just appeared as a young unneutered male in 2013.  Hobo stopped visiting us before I was able to TNR Patty.  Not that neutering Patty has changed him much; he's got an abscess from a bite wound on his back that appeared over the weekend.  You know I'm watching him like a hawk!

As much as I love my Patty O'Malley, Hobo will always reign in my heart, and I hope to stay in touch with him, even if it means being a weird stalker cat lady to the guy who feeds him now.