Saturday, July 14, 2018

Eastside Cats Goes To The Dogs

Folks, a couple of weird things happened at the office.

First, a coworker called me to ask if I knew how long a dog could have kennel cough.  Well, golly...I dunno, I have cats!  So, I questioned my dog friends via FB, and they said that kennel cough can last for weeks, and may turn into something worse.  Most suggested a second opinion.  When I relayed that info to him via email, he sent back to me that his dog has now been officially diagnosed with bronchitis, and they are treating it properly.

Bummer!  I feel sorry for this family, as this is their first dog.  They went on vacation, kenneling the dog, and now this!  Coworker promised to keep me informed on how his pup is doing.  I did NOT remind him that I suggested he'd adopt a couple of cats, when he first discussed getting a pet. 😸

Second, just after the kennel cough incident, one of our upper management people stopped me in the hallway, asking if I knew a good dog veterinarian in the area!  Nonplussed, I said that I didn't know, but would ask around.

I sent an office wide email, and got almost a dozen responses!  I dutifully turned the info over, and she said her daughter was adopting a new puppy and appreciated the recommendations.  As much as I tried to convince her to adopt a cat instead 😸, I was promised photos of puppy soon.

Being an executive administrative assistant, I'm in the office to ASSIST.  Usually, it's to set up a meeting, cater a customer lunch,  update spreadsheets or handouts, make sure badges work, yadda yadda yadda.  However, it's nice to know that folks think I can answer any question, and I usually can...because I've got connections! 😸

Since I've yet to receive images of these two dogs, I thought I'd show you another coworker's German Shepherds, who just happened to turn a year old.  And this coworker will tell you that I put in a lot of effort to convince her that she'd really enjoy CATS instead! 😸

Macey, left and Maverick, right
8 weeks old

Macey, left and Maverick, right
I year old!


  1. Oh, that's funny. Yeah, cat peeps know all about dogs, don't we? And frankly, I'm still suspicious that this ISN'T kennel cough. Those Germans are so sweet though.

    PS: I'm an admin assistant too! Nice to meet another one, though I've never reached the exalted title of EA.

  2. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos of Macey and Maverick. They difference from one year is amazing. Hope it's not too hot were you are at. Have a purfect weekend.
    World of Animals

  3. Sounds like your coworkers know you are the one to ask animal related questions among others :-) I hope your coworker’s dog with bronchitis will get better soon.
    Macey and Maverick are adorable!

  4. When I was working, I was the go-to person for anyone who had a question about cats. Now that I'm not there, I wonder who's handling that??

  5. Everyone knows who the animal savvy peeps are!

  6. I guess everyone knows you are an animal lover. Very cute pups.

  7. Everyone at your work knows that you know how to find animal-related stuff. Bravo for trying to steer people toward cats, even if they end up with dogs instead! :)

  8. I'd definitely come to you with a question! :-) Those are two cute pups.


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