24 July, 2018


Chili Bruce loves the window so much!

Both Chili Bruce and Manny in the window.
You may notice that the 'curtain' is chopped up.
That's because Da Boyz ripped it in multiple places,
so I snipped off the ragged, torn edges.

Watching the butterflies, squirrels, birds!

The upstairs bathroom...
...um, I mean the upstairs
hole in the floor!
While having the plumber replace our water pipes, the downstairs bathroom lost it's shower, and became the new 'tool shed', and a construction zone.  In addition, Manny and Chili Bruce enjoy Bird TV from the window, tearing up the curtain, leaving pawprints all over the sink and toilet lid, and stare down the now exposed shower drain in wonder.  The sink and toilet remain in working order.

Yesterday, the upstairs claw-foot tub was rolled away, as well as the toilet, and the floor ripped open.  Water was disconnected too.  This is a complete cat-free zone; Angel is safely secure in her apartment.

I now have no shower or bathtub, and can only use Chili Bruce's downstairs 'playroom' for my ablutions.  The Hubby claims a nearby park has showers for boaters, so we can rinse off there if need be.  He is convinced that things will be in shambles for a good week, maybe two weeks.  His job is to replace the floor upstairs, which includes removing 100 years of layers and old wood, putting in a new subfloor, and then vinyl.

Sometimes, change is good...and sometimes, it's a real mess until it isn't again.  Wish us well during this household upheaval!


  1. I feel for you, truly. At the house (which was only about 50 when I first bought it but an unmaintained rental for a million), it was a veritable pyramid scheme of repairs. I'd go to fix or update one thing and there'd be five more repairs attached to it, and five more attached to them, and on and on. At one point, trying to redrill a hole in the back door for a new (modern) lock set, I got so frustrated that I screamed "I hate this ******* house!" which no doubt scared the neighbors. Best of luck.

    1. If I had a dollar for every time The Hubby yelled those exact same words (curse included!), I'd have enough money to hire someone to fix everything! Yes, one thing breaks, and everything that we touch to fix that one thing then breaks too. Looks like I'm going to be showering at the park for awhile...:-(

  2. Oh boy do we feel your pain. July and 1/2 of Aug 2016 our master bath was completely demolished. I never thought they would get the tub out of that bathroom but they did. We had a walk in shower replace the tub and we love it. Good luck.

    Hugs madi and mom

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work happening right now. We'll keep our paws crossed that it goes more quickly than expected.

  4. I dislike living in transition. Things will be much improved afterward, though, I expect. (I chuckled at Chili Bruce’s impression of a babushka woman.)

  5. I dunno....I think de sink...mite be the best option for ablutions and all ! all the best and here's hoping the room is finished sooner than later ~~~ ! ♥☺

  6. Yikes! We hope all the repairs get done quickly.

  7. Yikes, I don't think I could take that on during the summer heat! Looks like fun for the kitties though :)

  8. No shower for a while?
    Guess a kitty licking is not as good on humans as it is on cats ;)
    here's hoping your sanity holds :/
    Nancy and the kitties

  9. Yikes! In this heat you may have to visit those showers :) I bet it will look great when completed.

  10. I hope that never happens here, we’re not fans of destructing humans!

  11. Don't you just LOVE bathroom repairs!?! (NOT).
    And dealing with pets too!
    Marv's Mom

  12. That sounds a lot of work. I hope the repair will be done quickly. Not sure yet, but we may need to do some major repair in bathroom, too. Change is good but it sometimes comes with a big mess in the process!

  13. Oh gosh, good luck with the remodel! I can't imagine going that long without a shower in the house.

  14. And it's summer so no showers or tub. I feel for you. You'll be happy when things return to normal. I feel for you.

    Your kitties are adorable. I had a couple of kitties that were window cats too. They can sure mess us stuff. We love them anyway.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday and thanks for linking up to our blog hop. ♥

  15. I can only imagine how happy you'll all be when these repairs are all done. I hope this next week or two flies by for you, and that all is well at that end of it!

  16. Ugh, what a mess! If that ever happens to us, I have access to showers both at work and at the gym I use. Hope it's fixed soon!

  17. Whoa! And TW is bitching cos her commode has been flushing slow. When they have the water in our building turned off, TW showers in the gym. Keep those cats outta the hole. MOL!

  18. OMC Bless your heart. We're sendin' lots and lots of hugs and purrayers fur ya'. Great fotos of the boys.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  19. What a mess ! We feel your pain, we had this with the kitchen for one whole month til last week ! Good luck ! Purrs


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