Friday, July 13, 2018

This And That

Saw this license plate on my way to work today.
'Gato' means 'cat' in several languages,
but I cannot figure out what Rowgato means?
The PO'M has begun to bite my phone!
I mean, I take photos of him constantly...but I've been doing that for
over four years now!
He will also chew on my earbud wires.
Paddy, my sweetheart...what gives?

Last night, Angel and I had a quiet moment together.  Both The Hubby and I are not 100% convinced that she's okay in her lonely upstairs apartment, so we each visit with her as often as time allows.  For me, sometimes this is only when I'm dressing for work in the morning, or getting ready for bed in the evening.  Yet yesterday, she purred and we held paws, and all was right with the world in that moment.


  1. That's a sweet video of you and Angel.

  2. Aww, I want to come over and just give a big ol' kiss to Angel!

  3. That Angel is such a sweetie! Rowgato must be a boat cat!

  4. Interesting sure on the row either.
    Ahhhh Angel I do wish you and the boys could find some common ground.
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. Saints Row is a YouTube game. Some versions have a cat character. (Don't know much about it, but I'm always curious enough to Google!)

    So glad Angel is happy in her "den". Sometimes we just have to make do...

  6. I know how you feel about Angel, KaTwo has her own room and I feel like she doesn't get enough attention. That is an odd plate, maybe Madi knows what it means, she is the plate queen.

  7. The look on Angel's face is priceless. She is Zenningout on the love.

  8. That license plate is a mystery. I like the photo of Patty. And the video of Angel touching your finger is precious.

  9. Angel is really a sweet girl.

  10. Angel is precious and this makes me extremely sad.

  11. That video is so sweet. Rowgato is a mystery to me too! :)


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